Friday, October 25, 2013


Happy Friday, my friends.

I'm feeling more like myself today. Just in time for Magical Movie Friday
at Swan of Dreamers. This time I'm not going to share a movie, but one
of my favorite Halloween inspired episodes of all time from one
of my fave shows Beauty and The Beast. I am sure I have talked about
this episode before on my blog, it bears repeating.

The episode Masques comes from the original Beauty and The Beast tv show
that aired from 1987 - 1990 starring Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman. I tried to watch the updated version on CW, but couldn't get into it. If anyone has watched the new one, please share your thoughts in the comments.

I remember when I first saw the episode. I was a sophomore in college.
My bf at the time has went home for the weekend. It was a Friday night,
I was excited about watching Beauty and The Beast. I had fell in love
with it from the beginning.

What stuck out for me the most was when Vincent meets his favorite
author and she explains the old history of Halloween to him. To me this
is one of the best descriptions of what Halloween is all about. It is
a beautiful episode full of magic, love, longing and dreams.

Beauty and The Beast is on Netflix. I also have the first part of
the episode entitled Masques below. Enjoy, my friends. You can watch
the rest of the episode on You Tube.

P.S. Still in fundraising for the show Urban Aura I'm directing. We only need $435 dollars to reach our goal. Any amount you wish to donate would be awesome. Help to get this great show to have wings.Thanks everyone.



Victoria said...

Yay, thanks for the vid..fantastic..yes this was a fab fun to revisit!
Wishing you much success in the show..shine on..wonderful!

Jennifer said...

Oh you have given me a new Netflix series to watch! It looks really good!

Dena Miller said...

Shell, I too Love the Series Beauty and The Beast with Ron Pearlman and Linda Hamilton. I just recently watched the Masques episode....Hubby bought me the DVD's. Love that particular episode and all of them as a matter of fact! I agree with you and could not get into the new show...there is nothing that can compare to the original!!!

koralee said...

I think I kinda remember this...but it would be fun to find the DVD. Thanks for visiting me the other day.... Hope your October days have been amazing. xo

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