Friday, August 11, 2017

Something's Coming...

Happy Friday, my friends. The last two days have been more intense than usual. I am taking a creative holiday from Swan of Dreamers to September. Need to regroup and refocus.

Here are a few things before I go:

August 17th is Mae West's birthday.

Treat yourself and watch a Mae Movie. If you never seen any of her of her movies: I suggest She done him wrong and I'm no Angel. You also get to see a very young Cary Grant.

August 21st is the New Moon in Leo and an Solar Eclipse. ☀🌑
Make your new moon wish list.

As the days of Summer begin to wind down, here is my Swoonworthy Romantic Movie List to keep you dreamy and happy.

Jane Eyre (BBC version from 1983 starring Zelah Clarke and Timothy Dalton.)

To end this post, here is the amazing Shirley Bassey singing Something's Coming from West Side Story. Whenever I need a pick me up, or want to draw something good in my life I sing this song.

Have a great August. Stay blessed and safe. See you all right back here in September.


Monday, August 7, 2017

Full Moon Monday in Aquarius

Oh yeah, this is the Full Moon I have been waiting for. The full moon in Aquarius is often an adventure for me. The past two weeks , as I stated in another post, I felt very vulnerable and open. As if my heart opened up wider. It has for reasons that are too private to share here. They are good reasons. Now, that the Full Moon is almost here I feel stronger emotionally and deeper inner freedom.

For my fellow my Sun and Moon Aquarius babies, this is our moon. This Moon is packed with a lunar eclipse as well. The heavens are filled with magic, destiny and love for all of us. Aquarius for me is summed up with the word Freedom!

For everyone look at what the word Freedom means to you? Where are you Free in your life? Relish that. Where do you need more freedom in your life? Now, is the time to break those imposed chains. Break one chain at a time. I suggest getting a lovely blue, silver or white candle to light. Finding your favorite songs, dance with sweet wild abandon. Express yourself and get Free!

Wishing you all a wonderful Full Moon

P.S. If you feel overwhelmed by your feelings, that is normal. Gentleness with yourself is the key to dealing with all of your feelings.


Friday, August 4, 2017

Romantic Vignette #19: Elizabeth

Elizabeth is the fourth Elizabeth in her family. Her grandmother, her mother and cousin were all named Elizabeth. All the Elizabeths were polished, refined and glamorous ladies. The fourth Elizabeth liked to be called Beth. Beth rode bicycles, she believed that marriage wasn't the end all to be all and she dreamed of going to New York.The other Elizabeths scolded her for not being like them. Beth knew who she is and knew her time to be free is coming soon.She show them that a Beth is just as good as an Elizabeth


Tuesday, August 1, 2017


🐇🐇. Happy August and Happy Lammas, my friends. August is packed this month with those oh so dog days of Summer, a lunar and a solar eclipse.

Personally, I have been feeling very vulnerable lately. First, I resisted my feelings. Then I decided to just feel and be. What is the alternative? To bury my feelings. No, that doesn't work. Sometimes things build up, you have to let your feelings out. Kind of like beautiful wild horses that have been pent up. Wild horses need to roam free. Our emotions need to be free too.

This picture was inspired by letting my vulnerability out.

Whatever you are feeling today? Let it out. Express yourself. Say to yourself like in the picture: I'm all in.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Dreamy Thursday: Purple for Thursday

Purple is one of the colors of Thursday. It is the color of luxury...



Here is me from the back wearing my favorite Purple dress.

Happy Purple Thursday,my friends.