Monday, July 27, 2020

Motivational Monday: Create Money

I am rereading one of my all time favorite books about money called Creating Money by Sanaya Roman and Duane Parker. As you can see my copy has been lovingly used. I picked up mine from ebay.

I am currently picking up steam with booking private intuitive clients. I am enjoying what I am doing. I am bumping against my prosperity blocks, so I am in the process of dismantling them piece by piece. My motto is baby steps in doing anything. Especially raising a child you see how baby steps grow and grow until you have a full 8 year old running around. I am facing that prosperity block as the elephant in the room that needs to be acknowledged. My instagram post on my stories says it all for me.

As I blast through my blocks which is a combination of many things for me. I turn to this wonderful book for inspiration.One of my favorite quotes from this pages is to draw things to you with ease and joy.

If you are struggling with money or upleveling your mindset, I say take at look at your ideas about money. The messages that you received about money from parents, friends and society. It's all there. Have to untangle each of those thoughts and feelings one by one. You can tell when it's working, you feel better about money and you start hitting those money goals easier.

Here is another favorite: Think Big! Ask for more than you think you can have. Expand your imagination, enlarge your pictures, and play with new ideas. I hope you can pick up the book, if you are interested. It's a great book. If you are a workbook kind of person, they have meditations and questions to answer as well. Happy reading. Here's to more prosperity for all of us!

Friday, July 17, 2020

Sampa The Great - Energy (feat. Nadeem Din-Gabisi)

I was on you tube. I found this beautiful song called Energy. I was entranced by the vocals and the beautiful black girl magic imagery in the video. The artist is appropriately named Sampa the Great.
I found more of her songs on youtube. I subscribed to her immediately. Sit back and enjoy the music. I am going to share one of her other songs that I adore in another friday music post.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Money Meditation Monday

Here is a Meditation for you to start off your week right. 

How would it feel to wake up with an extra $10,000 to be deposited in your account? Or any amount that make you feel happy? And meditate on that for five to ten minutes. Feel how it would be. How would your body feel? What would you do with that extra money?
Savor how you spend it or save it? What would you buy? Or maybe you travel with that money? Where would you go? 

Friday, July 10, 2020

Good Music for your Friday

Happy Friday, my friends. Sharing some favorite and new gems of music I have uncovered. To give a great Friday night summer vibe is a smoky romantic jazz classic. I will probably be sharing music with all of you every other Friday this summer. I stumbled on you tube on this singer named Etta Jones. Yes, not to be confused with Etta James! 

Her voice is beautiful. I wish I had known about her before. I do now! So I am making up for lost time. Sharing her with all of you who never heard of her either. If you have, let me know in the comments below. Here is Etta Jones singing "Don't Go To Strangers." Enjoy!

Friday, July 3, 2020

Friday Feel Good Movie: Juanita

Happy Friday. I have this huge to watch Netflix list. Finally, I decided to make time to watch Juanita. I am so happy I did. It's this wonderful feel good movie starring the always wonderful Alfre Woodward. She is a single mom and grand mom. She is tired of her life and wants to make a change. She plans to travel to somewhere. She decides to do this on the spur of the moment. I had that fantasy to run away for a bit to a town where no one knows me. Juanita actually does this!

I don't want to give the whole story away but it involves meeting a nice trucker, finding a small town to live in, a romance with a hunky chef and Blair Underwood! Blair Underwood is hilarious in this. I especially like the relationship between Alfre Woodward and Adam Beach. It's a treat to watch. Especially with everything going on, I need to see some Black Woman Joy.

A great Friday feel good movie to kick off your Summer right.

Motivational Monday: Create Money

I am rereading one of my all time favorite books about money called Creating Money by Sanaya Roman and Duane Parker. As you can see my copy ...