Sunday, January 20, 2019

Snow Day

Happy Sunday. The land is now full
of ice and snow. Tomorrow here in The Bronx,
the temperature is going to drop to icy

I am a Winter baby. The snow and cold are old friends
to me. My fellow Tree friend: The Pine trees and I
come alive during this season. The best thing on a snow
day is to have your frig stocked with good food, movies
tv shows to watch, good books to read and a nice old
fashioned call to a good friend.

Snow and ice are quiet to me. The world is quiet.
All the noise is gone. I can only speak for myself.
I can hear the music of the uni-verse.

Here is a little more inspiration if you need it. Happy Snow day, my friends.



Friday, January 11, 2019

Word of the Year: Magic

Happy Friday, my friends. How has the New Year
started for you? Honestly, I had a rocky start.
Which I ultimately feel needed happen to clear some
issues for me. I feel lighter and ready to get
things manifesting in 2019.

Which comes to my word of the year which is
Yes, when 2018 was waning, I kept seeing the
word Magic. It followed me when I heard people
talked. I took the divine hints and made it my word.

Picking a word for a year is serious business
for me. My two previous words Romance and Bliss
truly brought wonderful people and events in
my life. What delights will Magic bring in my
life? I can't wait to see.

I hope your word of the year brings you much
happiness. Here is Olivia Newton-John singing
us out with Magic from the film Xanadu.


Thursday, January 10, 2019

Dream Thought # 105 : Rediscover yourself

"I believe if you are not rediscovering
yourself and pushing boundaries, then you
are not alive."
- Hrithik Roshan


Wordless Wednesday : More Unicorns