Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Intuitive Self Defense

Intuition is your friend. There is no greater friend when trying to live in this world.With the recent spate of women and men coming forward about sexual harassment and assault. I felt guided to talk about how your intuition can help you. When I was little, my mom told me to trust my instincts about people, places and things. She instilled that in me early. It is now something I am working on with Jake. Energy rarely lies. Sometimes we talk ourselves out of things, ideas and feelings because that is how most people our trained.Think of this as Intuitive self defense. These tips can be used by anyone.

(Me tuning into The Force.)

If you are ever in situation where you feel
overwhelmed or afraid, you can call on your personal deity, guardian angel oryour favorite animal that makes you feel safe. I like to call on Wolf.
I visualize two large Wolves walking on either side of me. What that happens my energyshifts. I vibrate a stronger and secure energy.

If you feel you like someone is watching you, don't ignore this feeling. Stop. Look around. See if you can feel where the disturbing energy is coming from. If you find the person, make eye contact. I know this may make some of you nervous.Please do what makes you feel safe. I look them in the eye.I call it my don't mess with me stare. Unblinking. You look at them like Yes, I see you. I am not your prey. Keep moving. I live in NYC. I have done it on the subway,on the bus. It has worked for me.
If someone says something to you that makes you feel uncomfortable, don't discount it! Uncomfortableness can be felt in your body: sweaty hands, sudden heat, an invisible punch in the stomach, a cold feeling spreading through your body. Your body through your
intuition is telling you this isn't right. Either say something to put then in their place or leave
immediately from the person's presence. Don't worry about being nice.I make a habit of telling my close friends or my mom, if I don't get a good feeling about someone. I want them to know. Don't keep those feelings to yourself.

If you have been sexually assaulted, my friend.I am truly sorry. I can't say that enough. Predators are repeat offenders. If they assaulted you, it a high chance they do this this other people. Sexual predators can be men or female. Let me clear about that.Don't let those secrets eat away inside of you. Tell someone close to you ,that is compassionate, about what happened, get therapy and get legal justice. If you can't get legal justice. I believe in Divine Justice. No one gets away with doing evil to people.Eventually, people have to pay for their
crimes. This is your journey. Take back your power. You are not a victim! You are a beloved child of the universe.You are stronger than your imagine. You are made up of the same energy of the sun, the stars, the moon. There is power in you whether you are 5 foot or six foot.

Let your Intuition guide you when you are out in the world. For me, it has been a trusted guide.


Thursday, January 11, 2018

Word of the Year: Bliss

Happy Thursday, my friends. For the past four years, I have picked a word for the
year.I let the word come to me. When it does, it just feels right. If you look at
my blogon the side, you will see the previous words I had.

Last year, it was Romance. I meant Romance in the sense of living a life full of
romance. You can read that here
The word took me on a wonderful journey with beautiful results. Truly, whatever
word you pick will take a life on its own.

The word Bliss picked me. I kept hearing and seeing the word Bliss everywhere.
Like I always do, I asked for divine confirmation. Yes, Bliss is the word.

Bliss means complete happiness. Now, that sounds like a delicious word to me.
What does that truly mean? How will that manifest for me? I have to be honest
withyou, my friends. My life hasn't been anything but blissful for me. All
kinds of challenges have popped up in all areas of my life.

What I do is use Bliss as lead for me. How can I be feel Bliss in this moment?
I let the answer come to me, try to do that to deal with whatever challenges that
are being presented to me. What I feel is that that things, thoughts and energy
needs to shift for me. So Bliss can truly manifest in my life.

Just like my previous words, I am open and receptive to see how it comes alive
in my life.

I have to leave this small video of Joseph Campbell who coined the term
"Follow your Bliss". Not coincidentally,Campbell wrote the book "The
Hero with a thousand faces" that George Lucas read. Lucas ,who is the
creator of Star Wars,said the book heavily influenced in the writing
and making of the films. Yes, everything is truly connected.


Friday, January 5, 2018

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, my friends. Have a drink
with me. Toast to 2018. May all the best
and brightest come to you this year. May
you be open to receiving all the good that
has your name on it.

I like to think of 2018 as this beautiful
baby girl. Happy to be here and open to

Did you know it's also a Full Moon tonight
in the sign of Cancer. Use the emotional
watery energy of the Full Moon to fuel your
goals for 2018. Today is also my father's
birthday. He has been gone since 2002. I am
spending part of the day to think about him
and continue healing our relationship.
That kind of inner work is perfect for this
full moon. What you are called to do today
might be more light hearted than mine.
That is fine too.

Have you picked your word for the year? I have.
I will be sharing that in another post. Don't
forget that there will be another full moon
on January 31st. Two full moons in January.
My birth month is truly extra magical this year.