Saturday, August 17, 2019

Mae West august 17th

Today is the birthday of one of my favorite stars:Mae West.

Here is her screen debut from the movie Night after Night (1932).

"Too much of a good thing is wonderful" said Mae. I agree with that. Do you?

I love her films. She always got what she wanted: men, money or both.


Diamond,fur,glam and sparkle is all Mae .
Underneath that her characters always had a big heart which I adore.

If you have never seen I'm No Angel, please do. Her chemistry with Cary Grant crackles on screen.


This picture of her is when she was in her late 60's or early 70's.
She looks fabulous.

Now, for something truly outrageous...Mae West in Myra Breckenridge. The movie is just nuts.
I watched it only for Mae. She is 77 in this, still doing her thing. Enjoy!

Wait, there is more. She Done Him Wrong
Click on it and you can see Mae's first movie that she starred in.


Thursday, August 15, 2019

Full Moon in Aquarius

Welcome to the Full Moon in Aquarius


I am always excited when the Full Moon in Aquarius happens. I consider it my moon since my sun sign is Aquarius. All my sun and moon babies in Aquarius it's your lucky full moon too.I have always found when this moon comes around. Some kind of change happens to me. Whether it be internal with beliefs or external with an extraordinary event happens to me. This full moon in Aquarius has found me acknowledging my emotions a lot more. Basically, letting my feelings out when I need to cry. In the moment it can be painful, I feel much better and lighter afterward. In that lightness, bursts of creativity come out of me.

How can the rest of you use this Full Moon. Aquarians, yours truly included, is known for being eccentric and electric. We are full of ideas and the wackier the better. For tonight,indulge yourself. What is a wacky idea that has been running around in your brain? So do it! Yes, do it. Or maybe you feel you want to be a bit more outrageous in your life.Wear your a different style of clothing than normal.Be more bold in your self expression.Now is the time to do it. Sail caution to the wind.I have found that when I do something wacky or even crazy, I get a beautiful gift in return. Sometimes it more confidence, a new friend or the willingness to explore more.

Be free tonight and bit zany under this airy Aquarius moon.


Monday, August 12, 2019

Mae West Monday

Happy Monday, my friends. Here is a bit of
sassy inspiration from Ms. West to start of your monday right.

I'll try anything once, twice if I like it,
three times to make sure - Mae West

To err is human, but it feels divine.
— Mae West



Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Lions Gate

Happy Thursday, my friends. Today is
8/8. This time under Leo is an auspicious
time. Divinely kissed messages, inspiration and
ideas are swirling in the air. All you need is
to be open and listen.

I am sure if you are an Sun and/or moon sign Leo,
this is going to be an extra special time for you.
Be royal, be bold and be your true self under The
Lion's gate.

If you want extra inspiration, here is my intuitive
message here.

Mae West august 17th

Today is the birthday of one of my favorite stars:Mae West. Here is her screen debut from the movie Night after Night (1932). "...