Happy Birthday Mae

I have written numerous posts about Mae West. What can I say more about this
Brooklyn born movie star who electrified the screen in a way few others
could do.


Confident she is! What most people don't know is that she wrote plays
and most of her movies. She always made sure she looked beautiful, sang and was
surrounded by good looking men.

Honestly, if I need a pick me up or to channel a more savoire faire attitude then
I turn to Mae. I can hear her now say to me "Honey, men are like buses. You can
always catch another one."

She played the bad girl with the heart of gold. Oh, those one liners! They still
stand up today. Here is a clip from her first leading role movie: She Done
Hum Wrong. It is based on her play Diamond Lil.


Love of my life by Judy Garland

Happy Saturday,my friends. I'm back with more romantic music for you.
This gem comes from the 1948 movie The Pirate starring Judy Garland and Gene Kelly.
If you have never seen this, it a must see especially if you are a classic
movie fan.



Manifest Monday: Self Hypnotize

Happy Monday. I do my best to keep upbeat and positive.
It can at times be challenging. One of the best new tips
I got is from a author/you tuber named Jake Ducey. He talks
about self hypnotizing yourself.

It's like to me using your affirmations but put it on
blast. Honestly we do it all the time. Usually, it's negative.
Like those negative tapes that runs in our head.
ie: I never get those lucky breaks, this always happens to
me, I'm too old, broke, fat, etc. You get the idea.


You pick a few affirmations. Make these part of your new
thoughts to counter the old.

Here are my favorite sayings I tell myself to keep positive:

Good things are coming my way today.

I will find a way or the way will find me.

Do one thing at a time, Shell.

I deserve the best and I expect the best now.

These sayings help me when negative thoughts come up. They
now automatically come up now unbidden. You can use prayers,
literary or movie quotes too. So my friends, self hypnotize
yourself with life affirming words, thoughts and visualizations.
This will lead to a better and much happier life for yourself.


Besame Mucho by Dean Martin

Happy Saturday, my friends. Here is a beautiful song to dream on or dance
with your love. Enjoy.



Full Moon Friday

Happy Full Moon, my friends. I like to say hello to all
my new subscribers. Swan of Dreamers is a lot like me.
Full of sunshine, spirituality and occasionally sass
from time to time.😀

Tonight is a Full Moon is my sun sign: Aquarius. It's
also a lunar eclipse and Mercury Retrograde. There is
a lot of intense energy in the air.

Freedom is the one word that I always equate with being
an Aquarius. Personal freedom to me leads to personal power.
Think of the old question: What would you do if you you weren't
afraid to fail? I ask what would you do if you felt free?

Gently challenge yourself to feel free in your own life.
Make your own happiness more important than others. Do
the things that set your soul to soar.

Wishing you a wonderful and freeing Full Moon.