Monday, October 19, 2020

Manifest Monday: Vibing with The Universe

Happy Manifest Monday. This is time I am sharing something that I have been manifesting for a while. Here is my first course. 

I train you how to unlock your intuition.  This is tailored to you and your unique personality. This isn't a cookie cutter course; you get over 22 years experience of me doing professional readings. You pick a tarot or oracle deck of your choice to work with during the course. You learn how your intuition speaks to you, how to read the cards, interpret signs, connect with your divine team (angels, guides and ancestors) and much more.  I also include check ins with me as needed through out the week.

 It is $369. There are payment plans available. If you are interested, go to

This course is something I manifested. You can manifest what you desire too. All it takes is a bit of faith and courage, my friends. Wishing you all a wonderful Manifesting Monday.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Magical Friday: The Velvet Ribbon by Ann McGovern

Happy Magical Friday, my friends. For this Friday, I am sharing one of my favorite scary stories when I was a kid. I had the actual record which was filled with spooky stories and tales. It is the haunting The Velvet Ribbon by Ann McGovern, read by Carole Danell. When I found the recording on you tube, it brought me back all those years ago listening to it on my record player. Enjoy.


Friday, October 9, 2020

Magical Friday: Come on in my Kitchen by Robert Johnson

 Happy Friday, my friends. I am juggling a lot of things right about now. Doing my best to stay up with all on my sweet blog. So the rest of the Fridays for October, I am going to do Magical Fridays in honor of Halloween.

First, remember there is going to be a Full Moon on Halloween. It's a blue moon and this is going to be a Full Moon in Taurus. Be ready for that extra pack of energy in the air on that night. It is going to be a different Halloween for most of us but you can still tune into the magick wherever you are at.

Up today is the song Come on in my Kitchen by Robert Johnson. Who as the legend goes, sold his sold to the devil to have musical success. I had no idea until today he is part of the 27 club. People who died at 27 which include: Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse.

There is a bit of magic in the song. Here are the lyrics: A nation sack is what most would call a mojo bag. It gives the song a whole different spin thinking of it like that. Sing along with Rohert Johnson. Enjoy. Come back next Friday, for a another Magical Friday in October

You better come on in my kitchen
Well, it's goin' to be rainin' outdoors
Ah, the woman I love, took from my best friend
Some joker got lucky, stole her back again
You better come on in my kitchen
It's goin' to be rainin' outdoors
Oh, she's gone, I know she won't come back
I've taken the last nickel out of her nation sack
You better come on in my kitchen
It's goin' to be rainin' outdoors
Oh, can't you hear that wind howl?
Oh, can't you hear that wind would howl?
You better come on in my kitchen
Well, it's goin' to be rainin' outdoors
When a woman gets in trouble, everybody throws her down

Saturday, October 3, 2020


I won't say it was just yesterday that I had Jacob. There are days I can remember Jacob as the little baby he was or the toddler trying to walk. He is still at his core the sweet, outgoing and rambunctious little baby that I was blessed to have nine years ago. I am grateful for my son. 

Friday, September 25, 2020

Happy Birthday to Mark and Chris

Happy Birthday to these two men for have been and still are huge influences in my life. Mark is 69; Christopher would have been 68.

Wordless Wednesday: Wild Grapes