Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Transformation Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, my friends. I shared on my instagram this
same picture showing my weight release. I have gone from
a size 16 to size 12. It has taken a year to get there.

Weight for me is emotional. My weight is all those feelings
inside me that haven't been expressed properly or buried.
The past 12 months have been full of changes. I have made
a priority to focus on myself and what truly makes me happy.
My ultimate goal is a size 6. Before, I use to say a size 10.
I want to challenge myself and my body.

These are the tips that have helped me. Also, my new partner is
a personal trainer, so I'm going to add things he told me.
Hopefully, this can help somebody.

🌻 Drink water. Aim for half a gallon daily.
🌻 Limit rice, bread, cheese, red meat.
🌻 Have an abundance of your favorite fruits to eat.
🌻 Exercise for at least three times a week.
🌻 Keep track of exercising on your calendar with
🌻 Keep to 10 grams or less for products with sugar you eat.
🌻 Plan what to have on your cheat day. (This helped
me not to go nuts!)
🌻 Keep an inspiration board on Pinterest. Here is mine
🌻 Be prepared for old emotions or memories to come up.
Allow this to happen.
🌻 Slow progress is still progress.
🌻 Take pictures of when you start. This will help
to keep you focused. You'll be amazed at how far
you've come.
🌻 Continue to love yourself. Treat yourself with small gifts.
🌻 Express yourself when you feel the need to overeat.
🌻 Dive into your creative projects or ideas.

These are just my tips that have helped me. I wish you
all the best on your journey to love your body.


Friday, November 2, 2018

Betty Neels

It was a couple of years ago when I went to the library,
I saw a romance book that I seen before. I never picked it
up. This time, I decided to read it. It was
Dearest Mary Jane by Betty Neels.

What I loved about the story is that the romance
between Mary Jane and Sir Thomas Latimer is only
part of the story. It is the details, that Betty Neels
creates this world where a plain Jane finally gets
seen. Her inner beauty shines and attracts the hero.
The details on the food that is made, the clothes she makes
or how Jane spends her days that enchanted me.

Here is a beautiful passage for me about the
dinner party they both attend.

There is real life problems for Mary Jane. She runs a small
tea shop in the house she lives in. She has to deal with
making enough money to survive, an annoying cousin who keeps
wanting her to do errands for him,and a glamorous model
sister who is too self absorbed to help her. Also
awakening to her love for Thomas.

It is a clean romance. Which means there is no sex. There is
a chaste kiss thrown in and one big kiss at the end when
the romance is resolved. I have read about thirty
of her novels. Betty wrote I believe 156. My favorite is the
mousy plain girls who are sometimes thin or plump. They have
spunk and get through life with a cheerful attitude
that reminds me of me! They are resourceful: they cook, sew,
garden. There is always a sweet kitten and dog that are the heroine's friends.

Here are my favorite Betty Neels books so far:

Only By Chance
A Girl To Love
A Betty Neels Christmas
An Old-Fashioned Girl
A Valentine For Daisy
Cassandra By Chance
Stormy Springtime
Dearest Mary Jane
Making Sure of Sarah
Waiting for Deborah

If you want more info,go to this blog which is dedicated
to Betty Neels. It is full of Betty goodness. There are
other titles of Betty that I need to purchase. Her books
are like old friends that are there whenever I need an
escape from the world. These romances are not for everyone.
I like that the kind, resourceful and plain girl wins.

These are the ones I reread the most:

If you like sweet romances, then give Betty Neels
a try. Happy Friday, my friends.


Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween

One of my vivid memories as a girl is when my
friends and I went out trick or treating to another
building. I was dressed, in my idea of a Romany woman.
As we went to another building, I felt the air around
me feel alive with something I couldn't touch.
I know now,what I was feeling, was the mystical energy
of this time of year.

In honor of this day, we are going to do something
special. I am going to draw three cards from the
deck. You can choose from card with the rose quartz
(pink), the card with blue howlite or the card with
green calcite.

When your ready, go to your card and see what
the message is for you. I am using the lovely
Spiritsong Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

If you chose the Rose Quartz, you pulled
The Tower card. The animal on the card is
the ever changing chameleon. This tells me
right now manifesting in your life are big
changes. With the healing energy of Rose Quartz
along with this reading, these changes will
lead to more love and self acceptance. I don't
feel any hard changes. These changes are filled
with love and grace for you. Sweet change.

If you choose the Blue Howlite, you pulled the awakening
card. The animal on the card is the always fabulous
Peacock. You are ready, my friend to shine. You are
able to let go of all the things, experiences and
people that you allowed to hold you back. Blue Howlite
is a crystal to soothe tension, anger and stress.
I also feel this card resonates with your throat chakra.
You are speaking and expressing yourself fully. Look
out world, here you come!!

If you picked the green calcite, you chose the seven
of shells. The animal on the card is the strong willed
Lobster. There is a plethora of choices before you. Now
is the time to follow your intuition to choose the
right one for you. I feel that this choice should be about
your happiness. For once, choose what is best for you!
The energy of Green calcite brings calming energy to you
to make the right choice. Prosperity radiates
in this crystal. The choice you make will ultimately lead
to better financial rewards.

I hope you enjoyed your message. If you come here
after Halloween, know whatever card you choose is
still right for you. I have one more goodie to share
with you. Here is one of my favorite Halloween episodes from
Beauty and The Beast starring Linda Hamilton and
Ron Perlman.

Happy Halloween.
P.S. Interested in a reading with me, click here.


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Magical Movies: The Uninvited

It is late Tuesday evening, my friends.
The night before Halloween. A perfect time
for a nifty ghost story.

It is The Uninvited (1944) starring Ray Milland
Ruth Hussey ,as siblings Rick and Pamela Fitzgerald.
On vacation, they become smitten with a lovely old
house called Windward House.

They seek out the owner to buy it. Much to the
chagrin of owner's granddaughter, Stella,( played
by Gail Russell.) She lived in the house when she was a little girl.
It is the only connection she has to her mother.

The Fitzgeralds buy the house
knowing it's reputation as a haunted house. They
have no idea how haunted it is; and, how truly the dead can
affect the living and the present.

That's all you really need to know. It is full of
wonderful performances and a truly great story. It
holds up 74 years later.

Here is the trailer for you:

Here is a link to watch The Uninvited for
free. Enjoy, my friends.


Friday, October 26, 2018

Magical Television: The Good Witch

I have been a fan of The Good Witch Movies way back in 2008 with the first movie
starring Catherine Bell as Cassie Nightingale. I was delighted when I heard they
were making it into a series. I don't, sadly, have the Hallmark channel. Netflix
has the first two seasons. I'm currently watching season two.

I do miss Chris Potter as Capt. Jake Russell. I read he had another commitment,
so they wisely decided not to recast the part. They brought in James Denton, from
Desperate Housewives, to play Cassie's new love interest, Dr. Sam Radford.

I also love they kept many of the other characters from the movies: Mayor Tinsdale, Grace,
Cassie and Jake's baby, now a teen, Brandon, Lori, George and Deputy Derek, who is now,
the new Chief of Police.

If you never watched the movies, I still feel you can enjoy the series. I like that there
is a lesson or truth you learn from each episode. Middletown is a the kind of town
where nothing too bad happens. With the extra magic from Cassie, there is always something
special going on. Catherine Bell is wonderful in this role. She is the rock of the show.
Without her, Cassie wouldn't be such a compelling character.

It is totally kid friendly. I can watch this with Jacob in the room. For example, one of
my other favorite magical television shows, Supernatural, I don't watch in front of Jake.
When he's older, I'm sure we can ride with Dean and Sam together.

Here is the trailer for the first season. Enjoy.

P.S. Mayor Tinsdale who is played by Catherine Disher, is from another magical television show from
the early 90's. It is still one of my favorite shows. I do need to do another post on that show. If anyone can tell me, you get a big extra hug from me.


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