Saturday, November 11, 2017


Happy 11/11 today.

What to do on this magical flowing good energy day?

Here are a few suggestions for you:

* Write down 11 wishes for yourself and people you love.

* Wear your favorite piece of clothing today.

* Write out your own personal manifesto.

* Look at the remaining weeks of 2017 and schedule something fun for yourself every week.

* Go outside and take a walk in your local park.

* Go through your closet and donate all those old clothes you never wear.

* Whenever you see 11:11 or 1:11, make a wish or check in to see where your thoughts are.

* See if any other numbers combination follow you around. Research what that means

* If you like to play the lottery like me, today is the perfect day to play. Which I did earlier and won a free ticket for tonight's lottery.


Thursday, November 9, 2017

Dream Thought # 93 : Change your life

You have to change your life if you’re not happy, and wake up if things aren’t going the way you want. - Keanu Reeves


Monday, November 6, 2017

Two Tips to keep your Blog going

One of the nicest comments that I get is that people who followed me way back, rediscover my blog and say wow, I can't believe you are still here. Yes, I have been blogging consistently since 2008. Are there are times when my life takes over and Swanofdreamers get neglected? Yes. Are there times when I have no inspiration? Yes. Are there times when I say I should let go of blogging? Yes!

One of the things about Swanofdreamers is that I try to make it an extension of me. So if you read my blog and meet me in real life, I am the same person. Now, they call it branding. Back in 2008, for me it was about being authentic. I do make an effort to blog about what I like. That is probably why Swanofdreamers has never become a huge blog. What it has become is a refuge and place where people find peace, creativity and comfort here.
That makes blogging a joy. See even baby Jake agrees.

My first tip I use to keep Swanofdreamers going is to use my draft folder. Whether you are on blogger, wordpress, typepad, you have a folder where you write posts then save them before you are ready to publish. I use that draft folder to the ultimate use. Whenever an idea comes up, I write it on a post. I write it out as much as I can then save it. Then I come back to when I feel ready or have more writing to add. Sometimes, I write posts months in advance. If the Muse whispers to me, work on a winter post in Summer than I follow my Muse. This makes it fun for me. There are no rules. The only rule is to get the writing out of my brain onto to a post.Then it helps me catch up and get posts ready ahead of time.

(one of my numerous Blog headers I've use over the years.)

Another favorite is having special blog posts titles that I use again. I have several: Dream Thoughts, Romantic Vignettes, Actors on Acting, Dreamy Thursday. A few I have let go, some I use frequently. When I see a cool quote or beautiful picture, I know I can use it for Dream Thoughts or Romantic Vignettes. I don't have to think. I just feel and then do. The template is already there, I just have to plug it in. It helps to keep me connected to my blog and my readers when life get busy being Shell.

I want to write a story about this beautiful sistah for Romantic Vignettes. (I know some may see this image as not romantic.) I think she looks beautiful. I don't know her name or why she poses. My mind goes on a whole bunch of ideas on how I can imagine a whole back story for her.

Next year will be ten years of blogging. Wow!! Sometimes, I say I'll stop and do something else. I love Swanofdreamers. I feel I'll keep going until I don't feel it anymore or I want to shift to something different. I have thought of moving Swanofdreamers to another blogging platform which is something I need to investigate more. Swanofdreamers will always be here as long as I am. Hopefully, these tips will give anyone starting or returning back to blogging ideas to keep the fires going. Creativity is always there. Waiting to be used by you.


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween

Hello, my friends. Happy Halloween. This cute magical bunny who looks a lot like me urged
me to do something fun and magical for
today's post.

What I like you to do is close your eyes. Take a deep breathe and pick a number from 1-3. Have the number.

Open your eyes. Scroll down to see what number you picked. And your Halloween message.

1) Friendship (card from The Magical Times Empowerment deck)

Who are your true friends? Real friends feed your spirit and make you feel loved without any obligation.Look at the friends you have now.Are they good to you? If they are good to you, make sure they know how much they mean to you. Or
have you out grown them? Is it time to make
new friends? If it is, then remember to be who you truly are. The friends who come into your life will be drawn your to your authentic heart. You don't need a whole squad of friends. One or two is perfectly wonderful.

2) Have Faith (card from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins oracle deck by Doreen Virtue)

My favorite saying about Faith is what my mom taught me. You take one step and God takes two steps
toward you. Whatever divinity you believe in,know you are not alone. You are guided and protected
always. All you have to do is listen and see. Know whatever you have been asking, wishing, praying
or wanting to manifest is on it's way.Be prepared and rest assured that all is well.

3) A New Beginning (Guardian Angel Tarot cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine)

In traditional tarot this is the Fool card. This card echoes the beautiful Mermaid card from card 2. You also my friend are urged to to take a leap of faith in yourself. Let go and be free. You see the child chasing after the Butterfly. Chase whatever makes your heart soar and sing. It is time to let yourself be and stop trying to be something you are not. A new adventure awaits and it's designed just for you.

Well, my friends. I hope you enjoyed this. Please let me know what card you picked and how it
resonated with you. Even if you come to this page after Halloween, know the message of the card
you picked is for you.

I finally set up a new website for my Intuitive services. If you like to book a reading for me go to for all the information.

Wishing you all a Happy Halloween, Samhain, All Souls' Day and Dia de la Muertos