Friday, April 10, 2009

Sharing The Moon with Montgomery

I had this beautiful post about the Full Moon. The truth is I'm more fascinated in sharing my new acting love. I fall in love with actors all the time. Those alive and those passed on. In the past two weeks, I found a new one. He is one for the ages. His name is Montgomery Clift. Some of you I'm sure know him, others may just know the name.

I've seen Monty in The Misfits and The Judgment of Nuremberg years ago. Two weeks ago, I watched from Here to Eternity. I watched it for Burt Lancaster who I adore. As soon as Montgomery walked on the screen, I was hooked. He captured me in a way he never did before. Two nights ago, I saw A Place In The Sun with him and Elizabeth Taylor. I fell in love with Monty along side Liz. He is a beautiful man. That's now what drew me. There is a passion and intensity about his work which compels me to watch every move he makes. In his person life he struggled with his sexuality, depression and drugs. Perhaps some of that fueled his acting. The rest of it was his talent. He was a wonderful actor and I plan on looking for more of his films. I have already ordered two of his films from the library and they should be coming by next week.

Here is Monty and Liz falling in love. I will be back with more poetry fun this weekend. Maybe write a poem for Monty and The Moon. As always, Sweet Dreams to you all.


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Isn't he just fine like that????? OMG!! He is just pretty!!! he he he he! What a great post. OH Sweetie I wish I could send you some of this fantastic food. How about this, when you get cast for the part of the beautiful, pecan tan,geechee Gullah woman, and you have to come to Beaufort, S.C. to shot the scene, I will personally make sure that there is hot pot gumbo in your trailer he he he! I'm totally serious! Listen my friend, have yourself a wonderful Holiday! Take care

Judy Hartman said...

Wow, I'm weak at the knees after watching that!!!
I always thought he was handsome, but that scene - they were both gorgeous! Such brooding intensity from him!
Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

Tristan Robin said...

one of my favorite films ever!

I own it and watch it a few times a year.

They are both ethereal in their beauty in this film. It's as if people who are that exquisite live in a different world than the rest of us mere mortals.

A lesser-known film of his is "The Search" ... for some reason it doesn't show up as regularly, but it's a very touching movie and he is superb in it.

... then of course, "Raintree County" (again with La Liz) and "Suddenly Last Summer" (teamed once more with La Liz). "Suddenly" is one of my all time favorite movies, too - the main reason is to watch Elizabeth spouting all those marvelous Tennessee Williams lines, but Montgomery is (again) marvelous in it!

Poetic Dreams said...

Wishing ya a beautiful Easter weekend hun. I need to start watching some of these movies.Majority I've not seen. Big Hugs~

GlorV1 said...

Montgomery Clift...I hadn't heard that name in quite some time. I love him, he was not only handsome, but sexy and walked with a little swagger and just looked you in the eye with passion. Aaaah, I think I'm falling in love again. :) Thx for sharing.
Happy Easter.

reddragonflystudio said...

Oh you have reminded me to go into my DVDs and pull out those old love stories. I love them. They are a romatic fantasy that I still believe in...wonderful. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

He is very handsome!!! Have a great Easter!

Kathryn Costa said...

Monty is a dream! My mother in her day looked a lot like Elizabeth Taylor did in her day.

I have a wonderful tour of Bloglandia that follows a magical map that I drew up in honor of my 1-year blogiversary. The tour includes several stops to all of my favorite people and places. I think you'll recognize a few of them. {wink}

When you swing by be sure to scroll to the end of the tour to learn about my new blog, True North Arts.

Can you feel the buzz?

xoxo k

Lisa said...

I MUST rent that movie now. They're both gorgeous and you can just feel the love and passion. Thanks for sharing it Shell.

I haven't been blogging as much but I still intend to show my pretties you sent. :)

Cheryl Lynn Pastor said...

That was the most beautiful scene. I remember my mother loving Monty when I was growing up. But I must admit, my favorite was Tyrone Power. OMG! Talk about foooiiine!

I would love to see a clip from one of his movies on your blog. Just let me know.

Love you, my Thespian Lovely.

Laurel said...

HI sweetie! I found your Monty post ! I LOVE it and the clip makes me cry. He was so lovely and so tormented -sort of like my Kevin- thanks for your sweet comment today. It is true he was a big part of my life- my husband and the father of my two oldest children. Love to you sweet Shell. I look forward to sharing our love of Montgomery and all things beautifully tragic.

GorgeousMonty said...

I hope you post more about our lovely Monty. Adoration. Passion. Obsession. Addiction. Love. There just aren't enough words to describe my need for Monty. Wonderful post!

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