Monday, June 29, 2020


Happy Monday, my friends. Summer is in full swing now. We are finally done with online learning here. Which I am happy about. We will still be doing learning over the summer. I guess in a more unschooling kind of way. 

Are you ready for Summer? Covid 19 is still very much real. Though people seem to act like it's done. We still wear our masks, wash our hands, practice social distancing.  With all of that and with all the social unrest going around, Summer is still a perfect time to allow yourself to grow. To transform.  Every Summer since I was in my 20's, I named Summer something. I had several Summers of Love, Beauty, Truth and Freedom. This Summer is the Summer of Money. That came to me the other day. A divine download as I call these ideas.

This year is named the Year of Commitment. We will see how that energy will flow into my Summer of Money. I want to expand my intuitive offerings. Keep the flow continuous; solidify future plans for moving.  I also have a creative writing project that fits into my financial plans as well. transformation all around. I feel the best transformation is the ones you lead yourself. What will you transform this summer? Whatever it is make sure it comes from your soul and leaves you happier, my friends.

Wishing you all a wonderful monday. As always, if you wish to book me for a reading go right here.

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