Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween

One of my vivid memories as a girl is when my
friends and I went out trick or treating to another
building. I was dressed, in my idea of a Romany woman.
As we went to another building, I felt the air around
me feel alive with something I couldn't touch.
I know now,what I was feeling, was the mystical energy
of this time of year.

In honor of this day, we are going to do something
special. I am going to draw three cards from the
deck. You can choose from card with the rose quartz
(pink), the card with blue howlite or the card with
green calcite.

When your ready, go to your card and see what
the message is for you. I am using the lovely
Spiritsong Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

If you chose the Rose Quartz, you pulled
The Tower card. The animal on the card is
the ever changing chameleon. This tells me
right now manifesting in your life are big
changes. With the healing energy of Rose Quartz
along with this reading, these changes will
lead to more love and self acceptance. I don't
feel any hard changes. These changes are filled
with love and grace for you. Sweet change.

If you choose the Blue Howlite, you pulled the awakening
card. The animal on the card is the always fabulous
Peacock. You are ready, my friend to shine. You are
able to let go of all the things, experiences and
people that you allowed to hold you back. Blue Howlite
is a crystal to soothe tension, anger and stress.
I also feel this card resonates with your throat chakra.
You are speaking and expressing yourself fully. Look
out world, here you come!!

If you picked the green calcite, you chose the seven
of shells. The animal on the card is the strong willed
Lobster. There is a plethora of choices before you. Now
is the time to follow your intuition to choose the
right one for you. I feel that this choice should be about
your happiness. For once, choose what is best for you!
The energy of Green calcite brings calming energy to you
to make the right choice. Prosperity radiates
in this crystal. The choice you make will ultimately lead
to better financial rewards.

I hope you enjoyed your message. If you come here
after Halloween, know whatever card you choose is
still right for you. I have one more goodie to share
with you. Here is one of my favorite Halloween episodes from
Beauty and The Beast starring Linda Hamilton and
Ron Perlman.

Happy Halloween.
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Hannah S-Q said...

I love this! Your posts are always filled with such joyful sharing optimism and spunk. I chose the green stone and the card's message was on point. I've been trying to choose something that actually is in alignment with my happiness (career-wise), but I've not made the choice yet, really. Still considering options. The happiness part is the big key to this--as most of my previous choices were not fully based on that.

Much Love to you,

Dream thought #107: Don't give up

Don't give up. Don't lose hope. Don't sell out. - Christopher Reeve