Friday, November 2, 2018

Betty Neels

It was a couple of years ago when I went to the library,
I saw a romance book that I seen before. I never picked it
up. This time, I decided to read it. It was
Dearest Mary Jane by Betty Neels.

What I loved about the story is that the romance
between Mary Jane and Sir Thomas Latimer is only
part of the story. It is the details, that Betty Neels
creates this world where a plain Jane finally gets
seen. Her inner beauty shines and attracts the hero.
The details on the food that is made, the clothes she makes
or how Jane spends her days that enchanted me.

Here is a beautiful passage for me about the
dinner party they both attend.

There is real life problems for Mary Jane. She runs a small
tea shop in the house she lives in. She has to deal with
making enough money to survive, an annoying cousin who keeps
wanting her to do errands for him,and a glamorous model
sister who is too self absorbed to help her. Also
awakening to her love for Thomas.

It is a clean romance. Which means there is no sex. There is
a chaste kiss thrown in and one big kiss at the end when
the romance is resolved. I have read about thirty
of her novels. Betty wrote I believe 156. My favorite is the
mousy plain girls who are sometimes thin or plump. They have
spunk and get through life with a cheerful attitude
that reminds me of me! They are resourceful: they cook, sew,
garden. There is always a sweet kitten and dog that are the heroine's friends.

Here are my favorite Betty Neels books so far:

Only By Chance
A Girl To Love
A Betty Neels Christmas
An Old-Fashioned Girl
A Valentine For Daisy
Cassandra By Chance
Stormy Springtime
Dearest Mary Jane
Making Sure of Sarah
Waiting for Deborah

If you want more info,go to this blog which is dedicated
to Betty Neels. It is full of Betty goodness. There are
other titles of Betty that I need to purchase. Her books
are like old friends that are there whenever I need an
escape from the world. These romances are not for everyone.
I like that the kind, resourceful and plain girl wins.

These are the ones I reread the most:

If you like sweet romances, then give Betty Neels
a try. Happy Friday, my friends.


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