Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Magical Movies: The Uninvited

It is late Tuesday evening, my friends.
The night before Halloween. A perfect time
for a nifty ghost story.

It is The Uninvited (1944) starring Ray Milland
Ruth Hussey ,as siblings Rick and Pamela Fitzgerald.
On vacation, they become smitten with a lovely old
house called Windward House.

They seek out the owner to buy it. Much to the
chagrin of owner's granddaughter, Stella,( played
by Gail Russell.) She lived in the house when she was a little girl.
It is the only connection she has to her mother.

The Fitzgeralds buy the house
knowing it's reputation as a haunted house. They
have no idea how haunted it is; and, how truly the dead can
affect the living and the present.

That's all you really need to know. It is full of
wonderful performances and a truly great story. It
holds up 74 years later.

Here is the trailer for you:

Here is a link to watch The Uninvited for
free. Enjoy, my friends.


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