Revisit classic film: Till We Meet Again

Happy Friday, my friends.Some kind soul uploaded a fave old movie on you tube of mine called Till We Meet Again (1940) starring Merle Oberon and George Brent.

What makes it special for me that I actually equally like the original and the remake.The original is One Way Passage(1931) starring Kay Francis and William Powell

What I adore about the movie is that it has a good sublot and secondary interesting characters too. The other romance is between the cop Steve(played by Pat O' Brien), and the fake countess Tina (played by Bonnie Barnes.) who fall in love unexpectedly. You also have Frank McHugh, who played the same character in both movies,is the drunk thief who is loyal to Dan. He provides funny comic bits throughout the film. Also Geraldine Fitzgerald, who plays Bonnie, gets to shine here too.

The movie belongs to it's leads. Merle, with her haunting beauty, plays the dying Joan with the right mix of wistfulness and desire to live fully. George is all suave and tender as Dan, who is trying to escape his death penalty charge before the ship docks to San Francisco where he will meet his end. Yes, the stakes are high. Each doing their best to not let the other know that Death is waiting for them.

The film for me has the right mix of magic, realism and romance to capture my fellow dreamy romance lovers attention. If you are curious, here is my original post about Till we meet again.


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