Sunday, September 13, 2009

'Til We Meet Again

I love old movies; I especially like finding movies that I think could be remade again with actors of all races.

About three months ago I saw One Way Passage (1932) starring Kay Francis and William Powell. I do adore William Powell because he is such a witty actor. I loved the movie, it captured my romantic heart. When I heard Robert Osborne say there was a remake of it in 1940, I hoped to catch it. On Thursday, I saw the remake called 'Til We Meet Again (1940) starring Merle Oberon and George Brent. I enjoyed this version as well.

The basic premise is a woman dying of a frail heart and criminal sentenced to hang meet in a bar in Hong Kong and then again on a cruise. They fall in love. Of course, time is not on their side. Me telling you this is not going to ruin the story at all. Both versions are good and unique in their own way. I also enjoy the fact actor Frank McHugh plays the same role in both versions. They just change the character's name. I think I may be more in favor of One Way Passage because I like William Powell's performance in this movie. Though Merle Oberon is so enchanting in Till We Meet Again.

I'm not sure if they are out on DVD yet. I hope they are. I like to own them. I know Turner Classic Movie will replay them again. One Way Passage and 'Til We Meet Again are both romantic movies not to be missed.

I couldn't find a video of One Way Passage. Here is a Trailer of 'Til We Meet Again.



Keith said...

I've never seen either version before. I am a big fan of William Powell. I hope you've been enjoying your weekend.

Carmen said...

I think you are more into movies than anyone I know and I LOVE LOVE LOVE movies but you certainly are an actress and know your stuff real well.
Soul hugs!

Clarity said...

Gosh, another classic movie buff! I adore TCM but in the UK they have stopped showing lots of decent classics and instead a bunch of Westerns and eighties flix which aren't my bag.

I adore the hyperbole of the studio films and it is so wrenchingly romantic. For some reason the story of love that only has a short time and knows it, is incredibly touching and special. Thank you for introducing me to this Shell, and I agree Powell and Oberon were the personification of gentle charm. You might like to catch Oberon in "The Divorce of Lady X" a comedy with Olivier where she acts the socks off of him.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I love "Til We Meet Again!" ... it's so deliciously tragic! I've never seen the original - I'll keep my eye out for it, for sure!

I know that you're another fan of classic movies - are you familiar with Rupert's blog "Classic Movie Digest?" It's a terrific meeting place for classic movie fans!

I have to tell you I'm so relieved that your post was about a movie - when I saw the title, I was afraid that you were going on a blog hiatus...glad to know I was dead wrong!

glorv1 said...

I like old movies too. I wish I could make the time to watch movies more often. You are a softie shell. Have a great week.

vchelle said...

That is one thing that I really wish I was engaged in and that is getting to know the movie classics. I wouldn't know where to begin...Oh wait, yes I do, Right here at Swanofdreamers!

I swear blogland is an information resource by itself but way, way much more exciting, rewarding and captivating to find!!

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Dear Shell!

Popcorn, Pepsi, a good friend and an old movie classic, simply wonderful! I have never seen either version of this movie, but I do indeed enjoy old movies. Wishing you a beautiful week.



Laurie said...

I am a big fan of Turner Classics, its the first channel I check at night to see what's on ~
I love all these old movies, I always liked George Brent espcially when he played opposite Bette Davis.

Christina said...

i have never seen it! oh, i will have to put this on my list.
ps: i gotta post about the brownies i made, this weekend. had you on my mind.

Lady Prism said...

Hi Shell!

There is a place here where I can buy old old old ( even silent films) classic movies such as the one you spoke about.

Some time this weekend I will pass by the area and look for One Way Passage and Till We Meet Again. I'll get back to you and post about my other finds soon as I visit the place.The last I bought was Casablanca.

Hey, add me on FB too!

Tracy said...

Hi, Shell!I just LOVE classic films, too... I often feel I was born in the wrong time--LOL! Happy week :o) ((HUGS))

VintageSage said...

Oh this sounds like a movie right up my alley. I LOVE William Powell!! :) I'll have to check it out.

Marie Antionette said...

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