Manifesting Monday: Kindness is a strength

One of my greatest pleasure as a kid was making people happy. I loved to help in some way to bring a smile to someone's face. One thing I found is that people, whether young or old, needed kindness. It could be a physical gesture or an uplifting word.

As I grew up, I saw how kindness was seen as weak or that you wasn't realistic enough. I was told by people the world is tough and you have to be tough too. Yes, there are times you have to be tough and project strength. More often than not, I found being kind even in the most difficult situations has gotten me further and brought peace to most situations. It can deflate the most angry of people.

Kindness for me is a strength. It is something I cherish. I think how better the world would be if sometimes, we react in kindness to each other.

If like me, you were chided by others for being kind, know they are wrong. In a world full of quick come back, sarcasm and bitterness, kindness is always needed.


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Victoria said...

Hi Shell, what a deeply beautiful post..insightful , peaceful and full of wisdom! Very inspiring! I totally agree, it is so easy for some to turn to negativity and something as simple as a kind word makes epic difference and , you are so right..kindness can instantly diffuse negativity. I think it is a special superpower!
Shine on my friend!