Monday, April 10, 2017

Hello Monday

Happy Monday, my friends. I have not posting as much. I had a lot going on a slew of class trips with Jake, dealing with a annoying lingering cold and feeling a bit burnt around the edges.

I feel better now. I finally joined Instagram. I said I wasn't, I didn't want to be spread out to thin. I actually enjoy it. You can find me under my full name: Michelle Swan Graham.

You will find pictures of me like this trying to look insta cute.

And random things that capture my fancy. So follow me and come say hi. I am even thinking of reviving my you tube channel. Yes, I have one too. The last thing I did was an impromptu monologue. It just came to me and I filmed it. My you tube channel name is the same as my blog: Swanofdreamers.

Perhaps,it is the energy of Spring leading me down new creative roads. Or reopening old roads, I feel ready to dive in to new things.

Now, how about all of you? Has the Spring energy revitalized your creative energies? I love to hear. Let me know in the comments.



thetarotman said...

Oh, my Goddess! Shell, so many things come to mind as I reread this blog post.

First, indeed, I recall you telling me you had no interest in joining Instagram, but of course, so glad you changed your mind about that.

Second, I also remember discovering your own YouTube Channel "by accident." I was like, "Wow! She has some videos, too!"

I truly believe that it would be a wonderful platform for you to explore new creative roads, and certainly expand your professional acting practice. You have shared with me some wonderful insights about how positive and Prospering social media platforms can be, and I AM certainly living proof of that! And, of course, so very thankful that you have shared such insights with me, too.

So happy you are feeling much better, and how nice that you and Jake have gone on some school field trips, of late. Interestingly enough, I have been thinking about making some of my own "field trips," lately, too. And you know I must ask: Has his school been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, yet?

Follow your Bliss, and certainly, reconnect with your Inner Muse Goddess!

Victoria said...

Hi kindred, always lovely to hear what you are up to, looking forward to seeing more of you on your channels and insta! yay!
Wishing you a magical Spring, thanks for all the beauty and inspiration you share! You have always been one of my fave bloggers to visit!

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