Friday, April 7, 2017

Hello, my name is Doris

When I saw the trailer for this movie about two years ago, I knew I wanted to see it. Sally Field plays Doris, a woman in her sixties, going through a rebirth with the passing of her mother and falling in love with a younger man. Doris is quirky, filled with insecurities and the audience roots for her from the beginning.

Sally Field is wonderful in this. It is a movie with heart and grit. Just like the wonderful Sally Field. If you can find it, please go watch it. Here is the trailer.Enjoy.

PS. Tyne Daly is in it too. Another powerhouse actress.


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thetarotman said...

Hello, Shell.

I AM happy to report that has this motion picture.

Alas, is no longer a free service, but after a long-time client gave me $50 gift card for (along with a flatscreen TV and a Google Chromecast set up), and from that point onward, I got over being annoyed that it was no longer a free service.

Anyway, here is the link, and who knows, someone might be able to watch this for free:

As for Sally Field, although I have yet to watch this motion picture, I have always enjoyed all of her performances, so I have no doubt that she was exceptional in this role, as well.

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