The Great Nina Simone

I got turned on to Nina Simone when I saw the american remake of La Femme Nikita, The Point of No Return, starring Bridget Fonda in 1993. Nina Simone's music was all over the movie. As soon as I heard that rich voice, I was hooked. One of the greatest things about Nina for me personally, that my beloved Uncle Charlie loved her too. It was another great thing that bonded us together. Another good movie that used Nina's songs that stands out for me is the 1999 version of the Thomas Crown Affair, that I personally adore.

Nina Simone was proud to be a Black woman. Her lyrics wrote about our struggle, strength and beauty that woman of African descent from all over the diaspora share. I, personally, have found solace and freedom in her music. If you don't know Nina Simone, well I'm about to rectify this. There is a great documentary called What Happened, Miss Simone. Please watch that know about this amazing and complex woman.

Four Women written by Nina Simone is a classic now. It has be redone by many singers. I always had the dream of staging the song as a one act play. One of those ideas floating around in my brain, that I know one day I do. The song takes you on a journey. So stop what you are doing and just listen.


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Anonymous said...

I first discovered the Living Goddess of Song, THE Nina Simone, a few years ago.

In fact, i remember going to a party when I was younger, and someone mentioned Nina Simone when I was sharing about my love for Chante Moore's music.

I do not know all of her music, but the few songs I know, are like a musical journey.

I look forward to watching the documentary. I found it on both Netflix and YouTube, as well.

And yes, I see that you creating a one act play based on Nina Simone's "Four Women" is a major component of your Divine Life Purpose.