Betty Davis - They Say I'm Different

Happy Friday. I hope you all have been enjoying the music I have been sharing. Your eyes are not deceiving you. This artist is named Betty Davis.

Like the other Bette, she badass too. Betty Davis is singer who I wish I could sound like. Her sound is funky, edgy and rocking. They Say I'm Different came out in 1974. She has four albums to date. What she is doing now, I don't know. I like to imagine that maybe she dreams about coming back and doing more music. Betty if you can read this, please do. I heard a movie was going to be made about her. Sit down and get ready to be funked out of your mind. Enjoy.



Anonymous said...

Shell, thank you so much for these musical-themed posts.

I have become a big fan of Lion Babe, who I had never heard of before, until you wrote about them in "Swanofdreamers."

And now Betty Davis, who I was listening to constantly yesterday, Saturday, February 18, 2017. Did I mention I love my Spotify Premium subscription.

I also enjoyed reading about Ms. Davis on Wikipedia. She is definitely in a class by herself.

Romulo Vela (Mole) said...

Very good music, Shell. 1974 beautiful year. Thanks for share, greetings from Mexico.