Winter Dreams

The Sun has returned! Happy Winter, my friends. It is the longest night yet the days will begin to get longer.

Winter is a special time for me. I am Winter baby. When I see the Pine Trees come into their own, I know my season is about to begin.

It's a new Season. A new year to begin in less than two weeks. It is a great time to reflect and dream. What dreams you like to begin? Or recommit to? Do you have your word, words or theme of the year? I have my word of the year for 2017. I'll share that when New Year's Day arrive. You are never too old to have dreams. Always remember that. Winter is the perfect time to dream, plan and manifest for yourself.

One of my new favorite Mother/ Goddess Figure is Frau Holle. She also goes by the name Hulda, Holla, Holda . Her story comes from Germany.The Brothers Grimm has Frau Holle in one of their stories. She is a Winter Goddess. Frau Holle shakes out her goose feather pillows, then, the goose feathers become snow falling down to us. She is said to favor hard-working people with a soft spot for children and mothers. One particular tale I read is that Frau Holle likes to gives gifts to Mothers on the Winter Solstice. That gave my mom heart a particular delight. To me, Frau Holle shows even in a season ,we at times may think of, as cold and barren. Beauty and kindness are still there waiting for us to open our hands to receive.

Tonight, light a candle. You can choose a candle in any color that makes you think of Winter. As you light a candle, think of all those Winter Dreams you like to happen. See and feel how it will be for the dream or dreams to come true!

Happy Winter, my friends.


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Anonymous said...

Oh, I love this!

And from one Winter baby to another, I certainly enjoy Winter.

I love Autumn, as well, and have often felt I start to feel as though I AM "coming into my own" around Autumn.

I get to wear all my beautiful scarves and coats, shawls and gloves, and let us keep in mind that no one ever made a "grass angel." Seriously!

There were only nine hours of daylight in the Eastern Time Zone, last Wednesday, December 21, 2016. Sunrise was at 7:13AM and Sunset was at 4:33PM; roughly nine hours of daylight.

And yes, Frau Holle Is a beloved Winter Goddess. I never noticed the similarities between Her and Mother Goose, but now I need to research the two more thoroughly.

I have come to learn that in Magickal Traditions, Winter is a time of Rest and Reflection. A time to ponder and to plan. However, I cannot deny that I feel so active and alert.