Friday, December 16, 2016

Look for the Silver Lining

Happy Friday, my friends. By the time Friday rolls around, I'm tired. Today in New York it is a brisk 20 degrees. In particular today, I had to do a lot of running around in the cold. The cold didn't bother me that much. Shout out to all my Winter babies out there.

I've had because of family circumstances extra responsibilities to do. That is what family does. When someone isn't feeling their best, you rally around and help them. That's what I have been doing. I have to admit I was feeling washed out by the late afternoon. I rested for a bit and rewatched one of my favorite videos from my girl, Judy Garland.

It makes me sad to think by the time she is the age I am now that she passed away. I feel like Judy would tell me: "Chin up, Shell. Keep on going. Look for the Silver Lining."

If you had a tough day, month or even year, here is something to cheer you up. Have a great Friday, everyone.


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Judy Hartman said...

Hi Shell,
My mom loved Judy Garland and I think that influenced her when she named me! Such an amazing woman and a beautiful voice. Hope this week is going better for you - thanks for the great video.

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