Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Voice and The Princess

When I was a sophomore in college, rooming with my one of my best friends at the time, she complained could I stop playing Faith by George Michael. I endlessly played the tape of it. I told her it was his only album. Since Prince had many more albums than him, she had more to choose from.

So she suffered. I happily played George finding solace in Father Figure and Faith, dancing to I want your Sex and Monkey, feeling wistful through One More Try and crying with Kissing A Fool over the heartache of my first real boyfriend. Then one of my pen pals gifted me with a tape of Wham's greatest hits. So I had two tapes to play.

George was gorgeous. That wonderful British accent. It was and still is his voice I loved. That soulful voice that touched my heart. I was blessed to see him twice in concert: The Faith Tour and the Cover to Cover. One of my favorite moments when he played Play that Funky Music white boy, the crowd including me went nuts.

I followed George from album to album. When he came out as gay,I didn't care. He was still my George. I loved him.

From Freedom to Heal the Pain to Waiting for that Day to Older to Fast Love to Calling to you to Freak to Amazing to Secret Love. That is just a fraction of his songs. To his amazing covers and collaborations, I could be here all day talking.

What haunted me the most is song White Light from his last CD. It talks about when he was near death from pneumonia a few years ago. I played that song on the night I heard of his death.

One more pill just one more beer
One less star in the atmosphere for us
But maybe she just wanted to be free
Heartless pictures on TV
Change that channel that could have been me I said
Maybe she just wanted to be free

So I just kept breathing my friends
Waiting for the man to choose
Saying this ain't the day that it ends
'Cause there's no white light and I'm not through
I'm alive I'm alive...
And I've got so much more that I want to do with the music
Was it music that saved me?
Or the way that you prayed for me?
Guess either way, I thank you I'm alive

I know George struggled with drugs; grief over losing his mother and a great love. At 53, it seems to me to young to go. So many years and music that is him in.

Like the lyric said Maybe he wanted to be Free. Though, it hurts to know he is gone. His music, videos and interviews are still here.All I can say is I love you, George.

George leaving was bad enough, oh no, 2016 keeps taking amazing artists. The sad news today that Carrie Fisher died. Sigh. If you spent anytime on my blog, you know like I am a life long devoted Star Wars fan. I was 8 in 1977. For me, Luke, Leia, Han, Vader, Chewie, Artoo and Threepio, Obi Wan are like family to me. As the series continued, my extended movie family grew.

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia was the pretty kick-ass Princess who didn't take crap from anyone. At 8, she reminded me of my mom. Leia spoke her mind and didn't need to be rescued. She can save her own self, thank you very much.

At 19, Carrie Fisher was able to radiate strength, beauty and regalness. That is hard for an actor to do let alone all three. Carrie just had that naturally.

I always liked seeing her on screen, beyond Star Wars, because I knew she always be witty and bring edge to whatever character she played. Carrie had a successful career as a novelist and script doctor for Hollywood movies in the late 80's and 90's.

Carrie struggled like George with drugs. She said finally being diagnosed as bipolar helped her understand herself better. She became an advocate for mental health. Reminding people that there is no shame in getting help for your mental issues. Carrie leaves behind her daughter, Billie Lourd, who is an actress, her brother, Todd and her two half sisters, Joely and Tricia Fisher.

Unfortunately, at my reediting of this post, her mother, an legend in her own right, Debbie Reynolds passed away a day after Carrie.

I will have to do a post solely devoted to Debbie.

Carrie and George leave behind a legion of fans from Music and Film.
I wish I had been able to meet them in person. I feel I know them both through their works. I will miss them. Each one left indelible marks on my life in the best of ways. All I can say is Thank you, Carrie and George.


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