Thursday, August 18, 2016

Full Moon in Aquarius

I am totally biased when it comes to the full Moon in Aquarius. Magic happens to me when this Moon comes. I am a sun sign Aquarius. I had dreams come true on this Full Moon. Though, I have to be honest sometimes Aquarius full Moon after effects shake up my life. To paraphrase Bond: Shaken not stirred!

Aquarius energy is zany, electric, visionary and unpredictable. In others words, it may be a bumpy ride. A ride you will never forget. For all my fellow sun and Moon Aquarius babies, revel in this Full Moon. And all she has to offer you. For the rest of my friends, let yourself be a bit outrageous. Push a boundary or two for yourself.

Most importantly, be unpredictable. Do, be, express sides of yourself you have buried. As Mae West said, in her movie Goin' to Town, Are you ready to take of the brakes? Take of the breaks, my friends. Remember the energy of this Full Moon will last well into Friday. Enjoy.


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