Love for Monday

The day of the Moon or what we call Monday, I like to make as joyous and happy as possible for myself. Have the week start in a positive way. Today, I did my cards for the day and I pulled these cards:

From Abiola Abrams's African Goddess Affirmation Cards:

Magical Times Empowerment Cards:

There are all kinds of Love. Today celebrate Love in whatever way that makes your heart Soar.

Here is a great passage from one of my favorite books, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder.
Dare to consciously love yourself, love your life and affairs, love every little bit of good in all. In your time of generating love, particularly dare to love any part of the body that is crying out for healing. Boldly declare to it "I LOVE YOU." Dare to direct love to any situation in your life that seems difficult. Think of the situation and affirm:"LET DIVINE LOVE BE MADE ALIVE IN THEE NOW."

Have a Love filled Monday, my friends.


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