Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Found Poetry

Happy Wednesday, my friends. Last week was busy with finishing my taxes, getting Jake registered for Kindergarten and other family things to do which is why I missed a whole week here.

I am sharing one of my favorite ways of writing poetry. It is called found poetry. Basically, you piece together poetry from anywhere you like: books, movies, plays, lyrics, signs, prayers, etc. It is also a great exercise when you get stuck with your writing and need to prime the well.This found poem comes from one of my favorite books: Persuasion by Jane Austen. It is called I wish. Hope you all enjoy.

I wish (words by Jane Austen, word arrangement by Michelle Swan Graham)

I wish you be
Blessed with a second spring of youth and beauty
Be of Good Heart
Elegance, sweetness and beauty always
good companions in your life
Compliments from former foes
Let the sweets begin
Feel unshackled and free
Revel in joy,senseless joy
May you know overpowering happiness


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