Samuel Taylor Coleridge and I

I feel a particular kinship with the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. One of my besties, Neo, has been transfixed by his poem The Ancient Mariner since I met him. Little did I know, years later I would setting on my own ocean voyage with Neo and Samuel. About two years ago, I had the pleasure and the challenge to direct Neo in a faithful adaptation of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Even now, when I watch movies or tv, I find allusions to this unique long poem.

When I was reading poetry to share with all of you. I found this gem. It is a fragment. His most famous fragment is Kubla Khan. When I read this, I could see and hear echoes of words and flavor of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner. As we are getting close to the Full Pink Moon on this Friday. This poem seems appropriate. Enjoy.

Fragment 6: The Moon, how definite its orb! by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The Moon, how definite its orb!
Yet gaze again, and with a steady gaze—
'Tis there indeed,—but where is it not?—
It is suffused o'er all the sapphire Heaven,
Trees, herbage, snake-like stream, unwrinkled Lake,
Whose very murmur does of it partake
And low and close the broad smooth mountain
Is more a thing of Heaven than when
Distinct by one dim shade and yet undivided from the universal cloud
In which it towers, finite in height.


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