Prince and The Full Moon

Happy Full Moon Friday, my friends. The Full Moon swam into our energy early this morning after midnight. That deep scorpio energy is swirling around us today. It is fitting that we have deep intense passionate Scorpio energy today as we mourn the passing of Prince.

I was a teenager at the height of Purple Rain. I didn't really get into Prince until much later. When I was a sophomore at Howard University, my bestie at the time, who was a deep Prince Fan took me to see his in Concert when he came to DC. I can tell you seeing him in person was electrifying!

There are so many great songs for me: 17 days, Mountains, Kiss, Seven, Take me with U, Anotherloverholeinyohead, Scandalous, The Arms of Orion, My name is Prince, 7, The Morning Papers....I'm going to stop right here.

If I keep writing, it's going to make me sad. I have solace because I know the music will live on. Just like I found Jimi Hendrix, decades after his death. There will be generations after that will find Prince's music.

Prince had a strong spiritual belief that ran through his music. I know he is in a beautiful place right now. I Know he want us to celebrate his life and listen to the music. To remember he's not gone, his music is still here for all of us.

Remember, the energy of the Full Moon will last for another day. So enjoy the moon's energy. Think and feel all the people who have touched your life in a positive way. Say thank you to that person(s) or if they are in spirit, say thank you anyway. I feel they can hear you. Know that we are born for a reason, part of that is to love and inspire each other.

Someone tweeted this video out then I found a longer version. Enjoy. This will make you smile.


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