Friday, March 11, 2016

Dusting off Old Dreams

Happy Friday, I know I was supposed to be here yesterday. It has been has a busy two weeks at home for me hence why I haven't been around as much.

Today, I did something for my acting. I know I haven't mentioned me actually acting in a long while. I haven't forgotten my first love at all. With my husband in school and working and an active four year old, there is little time for acting. I have decided this year it's time to dust off that old dream and get back to it. I went to a meet and greet for a theater company that focuses on getting actors in front of agents. I was nervous about going but decided to just check it out. I felt a glimmer of my old self again. I know I can never be that free spirited single actor I was. I can be the me I am now. A still free spirited actor who is a mom and a wife. I had a bit of swag going on with my leather jacket, my hair done and my makeup on. I haven't completed left acting, I did direct two solo shows in late 2013. I still work on my monologues. I'm currently working on a script collaboration with my bestie, Neo, to film a short film in the summertime.

So what dreams have you been working on my friends? Or old dreams that you had to put on the shelf for a bit, like me? I love to hear all.

Here is a picture I put on snapchat today. With a bit of my makeup still on from the day.

I've been loving snapchat. If you like to follow me, please do. My user name is Shellofdreams. I love to follow you as well, if you are on it.

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll be back here on Monday. Seriously, I will. To share some of my new splurge makeup I got.


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