Tuesday, March 8, 2016

New Moon Tuesday

Hello, my friends. Happy Tuesday. Today is a great day it's a New Moon in Pisces. It is also a solar eclipse, as well. I should add Happy International Woman's Day, as well.

Tuesday's energy is full of adventure, courage and inventiveness. Being it's a New Moon, this is a great day to make a new moon list of things you wish to manifest for yourself. I'm not an astrologer, I do know when it's a solar or lunar eclipse, the energy of the day is more intense. Like an extra spark of magic that resonates through out your day.

Can you feel the spring in the air? Bursts of warm weather is starting to happen now. I have noticed tiny buds on a few of the trees happening.

I decided to be very Aquarius and do something unexpected! I decided to join snapchat. Yes, so if you are on snap chat, come and follow me. I'm still getting the hang of it. It's fun. I get to watch some of my favorite you tube people on it. And the food network is on snapchat, they always have fun content every day. My username is Shellofdreams

I will see you all right back here on my favorite day: Thursday.


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