Do you know Ann Lowe?

With the style of fashion that ran through her family for at least three generation, Ann Lowe became a trailblazer for African American Fashion Designers. She designed dresses for the rich and the famous. Her most famous creation the wedding gown for Jacqueline Kennedy.

Here Ann sits elegantly with one of this lovely sky blue and black lace dress being modeled behind her.

This lovely gown exclusively made for a debutante.

This dress is my favorite. It is the same dress shown above with Ann. I love to pair this dress with long elegant white gloves, it would be smashing!

This elegant dress still looks fresh today.

Another sweet debutante ball dress.

This confection of a dress was worn by Jacqueline Bouvier on her wedding to future president John F. Kennedy.

Ann is reported to have said she was motivated by two things: her love of fashion and to show African American fashion designers can create beautiful clothes too.

If you want to know more about Ann Lowe, here is a book here called The Threads of Time The Fabric Of History: Profiles Of African American Dressmakers And Designers from 1850 - Present by Rosemary Reed E.Miller


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