Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Books and February

Happy February. Here is Jake to say hello and welcome you to this great month. This month is going to be posts dedicated to Black History Month and Romantic Movies. February is also special since it's my mom's birthday month too. Her birthday is this week.

I like to start with sharing a few of Jacob's favorite books. I wanted to search out books of kids that looked like Jake. Thankfully, there are more books for children of all races to read and identify with. These are some of Jake's favorites. If you are looking for books for African American boys around 2-5, here are a great place to start. (They can also be for African American girls too.)

A sweet book for bedtime.

This is one of the first books one of his teachers used to help Jake with his speech. It's a long time favorite.

I've been taking Jake to the library since he was baby. This is a sweet book to encourage that love of books and libraries.

This is a great book to teach our children to love the beautiful shades of blackness we come in.

The classic book by Jack Ezra Keats. Perfect for the Wintertime.

These are just sampling of books we read with Jacob. If you have any favorite children books that feature African American, Latino, Native American, Asian children,please share in the comments.


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