Monday, October 19, 2015

Magical Television: Twilight Zone

Happy Monday, my friends. I had originally meant to review the Uninvited (1944) starring Ray Milland. The only copy I could find online had a weird watermark on it that I couldn't get past. Instead, I am choosing a Magical Televison show for you: Twilight Zone. I have a slew of favorites from the original series. For today, I am going to share a really creepy episode from the updated Twilight Zone show from the 85-86. It is called the Shadow man.

13 year old Danny (Jonathan Ward) has a fear of the dark. He is also agonizing over his crush. One night, while going to sleep, a tall think Shadow man comes out from underneath his bed. Danny is frightened. The Shadow Man says "I am the Shadow Man,I will never harm the person whose bed I live under." The Shadow Man leaves for the night and returns in the morning. Danny tells his disbelieving friend. After a rash of kids getting attacked, Danny figures out a way to use the Shadow Man to get close to girl of his dreams. What about the kids getting hurt? Shouldn't Danny tell someone else to stop him? Well, watch the rest of the episode for these answers. Please, watch this episode with the lights on. Enjoy.


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