Journal Showdown

Happy Wednesday, my friends. I am joining in on the Journal Showdown created by Jaime Ridler. Jaime is a creativity coach among her many talents. She has a great YouTube channel ,I watch daily, called behind the scenes. The idea for the showdown is to share your active journals with others.

These are the journals I am currently using now. First is my mystical journal where I put all my weekly Oracle card readings, dreams and spiritual insights.

Here is the front of this journal.

Here is my first page.

A month of weekly readings. I like to draw the cards I pull.

Celebrating the Autumn Equinox.

This is the back of the journal.

Next, this is from my regular journal. Here is the front of the cover. The back looks the same.

Two journal pages. One side is collages and the other side writing.

I like to stay honest in my journal.

Finally, here is my creative journal. I put in all my creative ideas and writings. I have shown the cover on my blog before.

Here is the front.

Here is the back.

Creative ideas for an eBook.

Ideas for a story and performance.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my Journals. If you like to share your own journals in blog or video, follow the link to Jaime's website. Let us cheer and inspire each other.



Susan Hosken said...

It was wonderful to see pictures of your journals. thanks so much for sharing and I know you love Jamie Ridler as much as I do. isn't she wonderful. lots of love from susanJOY

GraceGal said...

Hi Shell. Loved getting a glimpse of your journaling life. My favorite is the cover with women full of life and joy. Thanks for sharing.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Thanks so much for participating in the journal showdown! One of the things I'm loving is seeing how our priorities are reflected in the journals we have. It's cool to see the mystical, the personal and the creative being core for you!It's also interesting to see the balance between image and word. Thanks so much for sharing!

Dara said...

Beautiful selection! Thank you for fun!