Friday, October 23, 2015

A Haloween inspired story: Penelope and The Masked Man

Happy Friday, my friends. I was supposed to do magical movies/TV every Friday this month. Actually, I'm feeling inspired to share a lovely romantic Halloween story, instead. If your looking for ideas for magical movies/TV go to this older post

Here is the story:

Penelope entered the ballroom feeling slightly foolish. She had on the long velvet red gown that she had brought long ago but had laid in her closet for years.

Her friend, Sawyer, swept her into the crowd of important people he wanted her to meet. Penelope, a renowned portrait artist, was admired for her art. Some admired for her beauty: honey colored eyes, slightly plump frame, caramel colored skin set in an oval face with a friendly smile.

After the 30th hello and second glass of champagne, Penelope excused herself to go outside on one of the numerous balconies. The October night had a slight chill in the air. The cool wind felt refreshing to her. Her thoughts drifted to her now ex husband who today was on his honeymoon.

"Don't think about him" Penelope said to herself.
"Quite right" came a masculine voice from behind her.

A tall man dressed in white gloves, an elegant tux with a half mask covering most of his sepia skinned face stepped into her view.
Penelope smiled at the man."The Halloween Ball isn't till next weekend."
The man chuckled. "We all wear masks in one way or another. Forgive me for saying whoever made you sigh isn't worth your time."
"Yes, I know. My friend Sawyer dragged me here to the party. I've haven''m recently divorced. My husband remarried. Here I am talking to a man in a mask. Please excuse me, I'm not myself."
The man extended his hand to Penelope. "Sometimes the best option is to dance."
"There is no music."
"We don't need music."

So it is, that the masked man swept Penelope into his arms. They danced together under the October night. Penelope usually cautious felt strangely safe with this man.

Soon, Penelope was aware of Sawyer's voice calling to her. She realized the masked man had danced out into the garden.

"Your being summoned."
The man reached under his cape to produce a dark rose. "This is for you. I'll be at the Halloween Ball dressed as this. Will you come?"
"I don't know who you are?"
"Yes, you do. You danced with me because you trusted me."
"Penelope" rose Sawyer's voice on the wind.
Penelope looked at the man's eyes. They are brown with hints of gold in them. His eyes radiated warmth and something else she couldn't place. Penelope tired of feeling like she had been getting the short end of the stick said: "Yes."
The masked man smiled. He gently caressed her face and bowed to her.
"There you are."
Penelope turned to Sawyer coming down the garden path. She then back to her masked man and saw he is gone.

"Are you okay?"
Penelope smiled. "Yes, I am. Is there still tickets for the Halloween Ball?"
Sawyer looped his arm with Penelope."I got a ticket for you just in case. I knew if I dragged you out tonight, you would come."

Penelope allowed herself to be brought back to the party. Her thoughts about next Saturday to see the masked man made her face glow. Which had many people comment to Sawyer later, she was one of the most beautiful ladies at the party.


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