Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Full Moon tonight...

It's the lovely Full Moon in Taurus tonight. Though I can't see her right now, I can feel her energy.

This Full Moon is special for all of my sun and moon Taurus babies out there. Taurus energy is all earthiness, sensuality and riches. The energy of the Moon is for all of us to enjoy.

With the doors opening between the worlds with Halloween a few days away, I feel this is a very special Moon. What kept coming to me is Faeries.

In Faerie lore, there are special times of the year when the Faeries can be seen, felt or even spoken to. Halloween is one of those times. Be sure to be on the lookout for the Autumnn Faeries. You may find yourself dancing with one at an Halloween party. Or walking under the moonlight tonight or tomorrow, you may find yourself walking unknowingly into Faerieland.

Tonight or tomorrow, celebrate this Full Moon. Take a long bath, let go of clutter, bake a delicious brownie or even dance to Faerie music. Whatever way you celebrate the full moon time, make it authentic to you.

Wishing you all a beautiful Full Moon night.


1 comment:

Victoria said...

Hi Shell..gorgeous images and beautiful faerie magic..loving all your magical insights and creative sharings..all are super-awesome!! Hope you enjoyed it! Blessings kindred!

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