Friday, October 16, 2015

Magical Movies: Kate and Leopold

Happy Friday, my friends. The past two weeks have been busy for me. I missed last week's Magical Friday Movie for Halloween. I'm going to have Magical Movies for you today and Monday.

Halloween for me is all about Magic, doors between worlds opening and fantasy manifesting to reality. Today's movie choice fits that. The delightful time traveling romance Kate and Leopold (2001) starring Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman.

Hugh Jackman is Leopold, the Duke of Albany from 1876. A man full of inventions is being chastized by his uncle to marry for wealth to carry on the family name. Twice on the same day he says a strange man taking pictures and sketching things which is Liev Schreiber who plays Stuart. When Stuart slips into Leopold's home, he is discovered. Leopold wants to know who he is, Stuart races away. They follow in pursuit all the way to unfinished Brooklyn Bridge. After a tussle, they both fall off the bridge to modern day New York. Stuart has found a portal and yes, I should mention, that Leopold happens to be his many times removed grandfather. Oh, yeah.

Then we meet Meg Ryan as Kate McKay. Kate is all logic, tell like it is mentality. Still licking her wounds from her breakup with Stuart. After an unforseen accident with Stuart, Leopold is left alone in modern day New York. And Kate is charged to look after him. Of course, the two have a rocky start. And the rest..well you have to see for yourself.

I adore Time Travel movies. They can get tricky. If you see time as linear,then you'll be upset a bit with the premise. I see Time as circular where the past, present and future co-exist together. Add, that it's now Halloween time, well why couldn't a 21st century woman fall in love with a 19th century Duke?

Truly, Hugh Jackman is really charming in this. Meg Ryan, who I miss seeing on the screen, shines using a glow of edge and vulnerability to make Kate believable. They have great chemistry together. I'm sorry they only worked together on this film. You have a great supporting cast with Brekin Meyer, Natasha Lyonne and Bradley Whitford. Look out for future Oscar nominee and recent Emmy winner Viola Davis in a small role in this.

It is a delightful sweet movie. Perfect for this Magical time of Halloween. It will make you think of as Leopold refers to live at a slower pace. Enjoy, my friends.

Of course, I have the trailer for you:

P.S. I like the clothes Meg Ryan wore in the movie.


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