St. Dymphna

My adoration of St. Dymphna comes from my mom.

Dymphna story began centuries ago. She was a lovely Irish Princess. Her mother died and her father, The King went mad in his grief. One day, he realized that Dymphna was the exact image of his wife and wanted to marry her. Dymphna distraught went to the local priest for help. The two fled Ireland. Her father hunted them down. When they were caught, he threatned to behead her and the priest. If she married him, he would spare them both. She refused. Her father killed them both on the spot. Where she was buried in Gheel, Belgium, miracles and healings happened. In the 7th century, she was made a Saint.

She is the patron saint of anyone suffering from any mental issues including anxiety, depression. Starting from my late teens, whenever I had a difficult situation to deal with it I wear her medallion. It was and still is comforting.

In recent years, I have learned you can call on her if you have been sexually abused.

There are many prayers attributed to her. For me, I simply talk to her like an old friend. St. Dymphna is kind and gentle. She always comes to my aid when I need her.

I honor St. Dymphna today by sharing her story with all of you.

Blessings to all of you, my friends.



Victoria said...

Thanks Shell,I love what you wrote and shared..very touching.. this was so beautiful! Hugs kindred! Lovely to know this beautiful soul!

Jennifer said...

Thank you for teaching me of St. Dymphna, my knowledge of saints is lacking though I find their stories very fascinating.

Dena Miller said...

Shell, thank you for sharing this information! Absolutely Lovely!

Tracy said...

Oh, this was LOVELY to see, Shell! I've long had a soft spot for St. Dymphna too, and prayed to her a lot in my late teen/early 20's. I just lov the stories of the saints and the courageous examples they offer us. For a while now I've been gently re-discovering my Catholic roots, so this was especially wonderful to see to today. :o) ((HUGS))