Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Full Moon Beauty

Hello, my fellow dreamers.

I have to admit last night, I was feeling a bit restless. How about any of you? Perhaps it was a long day or the Full Moon Energy playing with me?Hmm...

It is the Full Moon in Libra and also a lunar eclipse! Can you say double pow pow. For all my sun and moon sign Libras, this is your special moon. For the rest of us,
we can glide in the airy energy of Libra.
Libra is ruled by Venus. Beauty, harmony, balance, love may be running in your head and in your life in some way. I feel for this Eclipse it's all about uncovering what is hidden. My mom has a great saying that I always share with others. Never lie to yourself. Being completely honest with yourself makes life easier. Something that I have found. So what are you hiding in the corners of your mind? Tonight, light a blue or white candle. Take deep breathes and say out loud to yourself truths you need to come clean on.

Since Libra is about beauty in all forms, Here is a meditation I like to do to give me extra sparkle. I'm going to make you all laugh, I like to do this mediation especially on the train. Keeps me centered and in my own energy.

Sit or stand. Close your eyes. Imagine from the ceiling/roof/sky a great shower of energy is coming down on you. I like to imagine it in colors of the rainbow. You can pick whatever color you fancy. The energy coming from above washes over you and takes away all that old energy you have keeping on you. Visualize the energy from your body melting or running down to the floor. The energy from you is going back to mama earth to be converted into golden energy for the planet. You can visualize this shower of energy as long as you need until you feel lighter or calmer. When you are ready, open your eyes.

Well, I have rambled enough, my friends. I'm wishing you all a lovely Full Moon.



Dena Miller said...

Happy Full Moon Lovely Lady♥

Jennifer said...

Did you see the Blood Moon Shell? What a marvelous visualization you have shared here!

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