New Moon, So Soon....

Happy New Moon, my friends. Wait...I know I said that in the beginning of the month. It's our second new moon in a month which is very special indeed. It is the New Moon in Aries.

Though this little Ram is adorable. Aries energy is not laid back at all. Aries is like a hot firecracker ready to blast off and illuminate the sky. This new moon is infused with the extra boost Spring energy.

Do you need a kick in the pants to get something done? Or perhaps to feel alive again after a long and snowy winter? Or just want to feel more enthusiastic about life?This is what you do. Make a playlist of your favorite high energy songs. Songs that make you dance. Put them on and dance, as the famous quote says, like no one is watching. Do this for 30 minutes or more. Make sure you have a glass of water or smoothie to drink after you are done. When you finally finish dancing, you will feel clear and energized. Make a list, plans, vision board or action steps that you need for yourself. Then commit this week to at least doing two of them. Before you know it you will be getting things done and feel like this happy Aries Ram.

Wishing you all a Happy New Moon, my friends.



Victoria said...

Beautiful Shell....perfect wisdom for this timing..yes very special indeed..wishing you moon magic always!

Jennifer said...

Happy New Moon Shell you lovely soul!