Powerful Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, my friends.

Do you think Tuesdays are just a regular day of the week? Another day to get through till Friday. Oh, no my friends. Tuesdays is a day packed full of power, energy and passion.

Tuesday was named after the Norse god Tyr. The Romans named the day after their god Mars which is why Tuesday is called Martedi in Italian and Mardi in French.

How does this info help you, my dreamy friends?

Have to deal with something or someone challenging? Make an appointment on a Tuesday. Yes, align yourself with that warrior energy that the day was named after. Wear shades of red or black on your clothes too to give you that boost of energy. Warriors have fear all the time, they still go into battle.

Need a boost of romance in your life. Forget the little black dress..put on the little red dress.
Or if that is too much for you, a bit of red lipstick makes me feel glam.
Need to feel more self love or rev up your personal energy buy yourself red roses and burn a lovely red candle.

For some inner Tuesday energy, cook, bake or eat something with garlic, carrots, ginger, chillies. (Of course, not all in the same dish that may be overwhelming.)

Each day of the week is packed full of lovely energy for us to use. Want to do more research on your own. Look up the days of the week. Who or what the day was named after? From there, you can see the attributes of the days from it's namesake.

I'm wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday.


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Anonymous said...

This was a great post, Shell. As I often teach in my Metaphysical Classes, in Magickal Traditions, Tuesday is the Day of Mars, which rules Aries and co-rules Scopio.

I often teach that Tuesday is a great day to take decisive action. A great day for making a dent in a major decision, or to make a big stand in one's life.

Also, for those that do not wish to wear red outside, they could wear red undergarments, or a piece of jewelry set with a red gemstone, such as Garnet, Ruby, etc.