Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Joy

Happy Friday, my friends.

Even Marilyn is excited. Had a long week? Well it's over. Had a great week? Good for you and make next week even better for yourself.

Friday Fun:
Throw out/donate all those outdated clothes.
Buy yourself a new shade of lipstick. (I recently got myself a MAC lipstick that I adore.)
Take a long hot bath.
Have as my mom would say a nice stiff drink.
Order take out or have someone else cook.
Burn a sweet pink or green candle.
Put your hand over your heart and say I love you as many times as you need.

Have a fabulous Weekend, everyone.



Victoria said...

HI Shell..Super beautiful post...lovely ideas.and totally love that picture of Marilyn..fantastic!
Looking forward to Spring..we stll have snow!
Happy Spring kindred!!

Anonymous said...

Shell, what a lovely post. Thank you.

All the ideas were wonderful ones.

And the one about placing hands over Heart and saying to oneself "I love you," as many times as needed, Re-Minded me of a passage from "The Goddess' Guide to Love," by Margie Lapanja. She recommends using Rose Oil and taking the index and middle fingers of one's right hand and swirling a bit of the oil clockwise, over one's Heart Chakra.

And today is the Day of Venus, and She does love Roses.

Shell, you are wonderful. Again, thank you.

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