Sparkly New Moon

Happy Thursday, my dreamy friends.

I had a great birthday last Friday. Thank you all for the birthday wishes.

Today is the New Moon in Aquarius. It is also the second new moon in one month. All that sparkly, zany and fun Aquarius energy is swirling and flitting in the air. What to do on a New Moon, you may ask?

If you are a regular reader, you have an idea of what I'm going to say. If you are new to Swan of Dreamers, here are some ideas to spark you.

* Write a New Moon check. Take a blank check and write in what you like to attract/manifest this month. Here is more info here.
* Take stock of what January has brought you, then plan what adventures you like to have in February.
* Make Valentine's Day plans now. Whether you are single, married or dating. It is a day of love that transcends romantic love. There are all kinds of love that can be and should be celebrated.
* Aquarius is the sign of originality. Think on what makes you original and share that part of you with people. I've often found it's the things that are the most eccentric or unusual that people seem to cherish in me. Wave that freak flag high!
* If nothing appeals to you on these ideas, follow your intuition on what to do. Break some inner rules and have fun, my friends.

Wishing you all a wonderful New Moon.



Dena Miller said...

Blessings to you Shell in celebration of the New Moon!!!

Jennifer said...

I have some beautiful Valentine's day plans! We are going to stay home and I will cook him his favourite dinner. Loving, kind, peaceful, that's what Valentine's day should be, love love love!