It's Showtime!

Today was our last rehearsal. Tomorrow is showtime!
The one man show, Urban Aura, which I'm directing goes up this Wednesday at the United Solo Festival..
If you are in NYC tomorrow, come on down and see the show. Tickets are still available. I use to think no one gets as nervous as actors before
the performance. I'm here to tell you, directors do too.

I know everything will go wonderfully. And we made our kickstarter goal. It was 1,500 and we raised over 1,900. Amazing!!!

I know I'm a bit late with this post. Did you happen to notice the date? It's 11/12/13!! Now that's gotta be some kind of lucky vibe day
with that combination. Before you go to bed, my friends, make a nice wish for yourself. I'm going to do that once I get Jacob down to sleep.
Why, oh why, do little ones never want to go to sleep. Sigh.

I'll be back on Friday, my friends. Have a fab rest of the week.


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Sarah said...

Good luck with the show Shell! Here it was 12.11.13. I have to wait till the 11th December for 11.12.13!