Friday, November 15, 2013

A Lost Song Found

Happy Friday, my friends.

I am tired today. I had a busy week with the show on Wednesday. Which went amazing, by the way. It was great to be actually in a really nice theater for a change. The next stop for Urban Aura is May in Chicago. We have a lot of time before then to get things settled. Then, at home we have Jake enrolled in speech and play therapy on the recommendation of one of our doctors. The teachers come here, so it's busy in my home. Jacob likes all of them, thank goodness.

Then last night, I found The song. For over 30 + years, I have been haunted by a song. I first heard it in 7th grade. I remembered the melody and a lyric. I couldn't remember the song title and who sang it. Over the years, I put the lyric in google search and came up blank. Then last night, I hit it. I put in Here I am in a lost romance..which is all I could remember.

Bam. The song came up. I went to you tube to hear it. Voila. It is the song!! It's called On my honor by Donna Summer. So I have been playing it non stop. I like it because it a sweet song with an unexpected country twang to it. Something I know my 12 year old self would have loved immediately. I always been such a romantic.

Enjoy, my friends. Please come back on Sunday. Celebrating the Taurus Full Moon.



Jennifer said...

Love when that happens! I recently found a song I couldn't get my hands on back in the 1990s, but thanks to the internet it's on youtube! Such nostalgia.

thetarotman said...

Shell, I found this post and love it!

The Western Astrologer in me finds it interesting that you published this post on Friday, November 15, 2013, for several reasons.

First, according to my copy of "Llewellyn's 2013 Daily Planetary Guide," the Moon entered Taurus on that date, at approximately 9:49AM. Although the official date of the Full Moon in Taurus was not until Sunday, November 17, 2013, the Moon was already in Taurus as of Friday morning.

In Magickal Traditions, Friday is the Day of Venus, which rules Taurus and Libra.

Although (the late and great) Donna Summer was a Capricorn born on December 31, she was a singer, and Taurus rules the throat.

And yes, I looked it up. Friday, December 31, 1948 (the date that Donna Summer was born) was a Friday.

Wordless Wednesday: Donna Summer