September and Dreams

Happy September, my friends.

The sunset comes earlier..
The night sky twinkles a bit longer now...
The trees will blaze in colors to
rival spring flowers...
And a hint of Autumn magic that will
be on it's way soon vibrates in the air.

What are your Autumn Dreams?
You always have to keep dreaming
and doing. What is life without having
dreams to aspire too?

A longheld dream I had is of
performing and writing my own one
person show. Sometimes, dreams come
in a total different way. The twist
is I'm directing an one man show
that one of my closest friends wrote.
The first workshop preview is on October 13th.
Now, I haven't given up doing my own one
woman show. Directing one now, gives me
a whole new perspective and experience
on doing my own.

Whatever dreams you have, believe they
can come true. Be open to allowing
The Divine to bring your dreams in
a way that may be even better than
what you dreamed of.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend.



Tracy said...

This is LOVELY, Shell! I love September... this time of year has always felt more like the real new year to me. I love this time of change, nesting, dream-stoking. :o) This photo image is breathtaking too, Shell... Oh, I'm hosting a stop by, if you can. Happy Days ((HUGS))

Vickie said...

How sweet is this! I can feel the weather changing, see September announcingn I'm here through the photo and words!! Thank you!