Monday, September 10, 2012

The Best Thing

Jacob is 11 months now. How I love my sweetie pie.
My mom use to say having me was one of the best
things she ever did. Now, that I have Jacob I
say the same thing about him.



Tracy said...

aaawww...look how much he's grown up! So lovely to see Jacob, and almost a year old already... And standing now, walking... You did real good there, Shell, so very good. You should feel proud and happy :o) ((HUGS))

Sarah said...

He is such a cutie!

Deborah said...

I cannot believe Jacob is 11 months old already. Unbelievable!! You are right he is a cutie. Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

Cinner said...

Hi Shell, Jacob is such a handsome boy. I can not believe he is 11 months old already. Man the time flies. I am back blogging now, so will be able to visit you more. I have thought of you. I have even looked up at the moon and have thought Shell will know all about this moon. you make me smile. hope life has been treating you great. Jacob looks like a very happy little man. smiles.

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