Friday, August 31, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon...

Tonight, it is a Full Moon.

Not only it's the Full Moon in Pisces.
It's also a Blue Moon. A Blue moon occurs
with two full moons in one month.

We all will be swimming in the watery blue
flowing energy of Pisces.

If your Sun or Moon sign is in Pisces,
well this is your Full Moon.

For the rest of the us, it's still a powerful
Full Moon.

Pisces energy is all about feelings, dreams, flow,
intuition and healing.

Here's a few suggestions to celebrate
this beautiful Full Moon.

* Go to the oceanside
* Start a dream journal
* Take a healing bath with epsom salts
and your favorite bath gel.
* Light candles in shades of blue, silver
and green.
* Instead of just listening to your intuition,
act on it.
* Eat seafood
* Pretend you are a Mermaid for a night.

Oh, there is so much to do on a Blue Moon.
It can be fun or deep, it all depends on you,
my friends.

Whatever you do, make sure it resonates with you.

Wishing you all a Happy Full Moon.



Tracy said...

Blue Moon Blessings to you & yours, Shell! Taking time out while having some and gathering Blue Moon lovelies for my altar and candle ritual tonight. :o) Glad to catch up with you after a brief hiatus! Happy Weekend (HUGS))

Victoria said...

So beautiful Shell..Happy Blue moon magic to you!

Laurel said...

Hello My Beautiful Friend. Hope you and our family are well and the moon is treating you right. Looking at it now, thinking of you.

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