Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Freedom on a Full Moon

Happy Full Moon, my friends.

It is the Full Moon in Aquarius. For all my sun and moon
sign Aquarians, this is our moon. My sun sign is Aquarius.

For me, an Aquarius Full Moon always ushers in a new insight
into my life. Some Aquarius moons are full of adventure and
others can be troublesome. Tonight, The Aquarius Moon invites
healing and a deeper well knowledge to the my way of life.

For all of us, Aquarius Moon is all about blue sky thinking.
Thinking and doing big. Freedom to find new ways to live.
Aquarius is big on Freedom.

Tonight or Tomorrow night, since the energy of the Full Moon
is around for another night, think on Freedom.

What do you want to be Free from?
Who is oppressing you? (That can include you oppressing
How can you celebrate and do more to feel more free
in your life?

Wishing you all a beautiful and Free Full Moon.


1 comment:

Tracy said...

Happy Moon, Shell! LOVELY image with you post this time too. At the moment I need to be making some changes to my creative business and have encountered some stumbling blocks, which has made the last two weeks... interesting, shall we say...LOL! Trying to channel a LOT of positive energy into this time of what may be a bigger transition than I first imagined. Happy Days ((HUGS))

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