The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan

Happy Tuesday, my friends. Yesterday, I got to rewatch
a favorite tv movie of mine called The Two Worlds of
Jennie Logan

This one is for all my romantic movie fans out there.

It stars Lindsay Wagner as Jennie and Marc Singer as
David Reynolds. Jennie and her husband move to
the country to get a fresh start to save their
troubled marriage. They buy an old Victorian house.
Jennie discovers a beautiful white lace gown in the attic
from the turn of the century. She is entranced by it.

As soon as she puts it on, Jennie begins to get what she thinks
are visions of being in another time. The visions are really her being
transported to the past via the dress. She meets the
original owner of the house, an artist, David played
by the awesomely cute Marc Singer. (I had a big crush
on him from Beastmaster and the original series V)

As her husband tries to mend fences with Jennie, she
finds herself attracted to David from the past. So
what can she do? Which man will she choose? Can you
find true love in the past?

So many questions. I can't tell you the answers, my friends.
You have to watch it. It's not on netflix but it's on
You Tube.

It is sweet dreamy romantic movie. Lindsay Wagner
and Marc Singer are a lovely couple in this. Also
for Dallas fans, Linda Gray is in as well. I do
love her dress that transports her back in time.
It is my kind of dress.

Here's a clip for all of you. Enjoy.

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Heather said...

Oh, this sounds like my kind of movie! Sort of like Somewhere in Time. Love these time travel stories, especially when they involve old houses and pretty clothes :)

Victoria said... LW..never saw this movie..looks charming! Thanks Shell!