Beyond Reality

In between taking care of Jacob, I have been carving out
mommy time. What do I do? Still watching tv and movies.
For my birthday, I treated myself to buy an old favorite
of mine: the TV show Beyond Reality (1991 - 1993)

Beyond Reality starred Shari Belafonte and Carl Marotte
as Dr. Laura Wingate and Professor J.J. Stillman. They
teach Parapsychology at a local university while
investigating paranormal cases that came their way.

They had some really stand out episodes which revolved
around personality reality, possession, reincarnation
and past life. I enjoyed the friendship between
Laura and J.J. that gave the show a warmth to it.
It is one of the few shows of a paranormal/fantasy
theme to have a African American woman as the main female lead.
Which is one of the reasons I loved the show as much as I did.

The first season is on DVD. I'm hoping season two will
be released soon, so I can complete the series. If there
are any other fan of the series, I love to hear from you.
I'm the only person I know who even watched the show. If
you never seen it, I say check it out. It's a good series.



Deborah said...

Hi Shell, it is so awesome to see you with all your dreams coming through one small step at a time. I have not been by in a long while and it was fascinating to go back through your blog posts and piece together your story, since the last time I came by. Congratulations on your marriage and on your wonderful baby boy. I am so happy to hear that he is home with you and that he is thriving. Life is so mysterious sometimes, isn't it? We can never tell what the future holds.

Deborah said...
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Sarah said...

This sounds good-I have not heard of it-though it may not have been on here I suppose. I really like that series 'Medium' though it is always on at weirdl late night slots when I am too tired so don't often get to see it!

Tracy said...

Hi there, Shell! Glad you are still watching the movies and such to tell us about! You know, I don't recall this series... My 90's trivia must be bad then, and that decade was not too long ago... LOL! ;o) Happy Days, and cuddle to sweet Jacob ((HUGS))