Pisces New Moon

Happy New Moon, everyone.

Are you ready dive into this beautiful
Pisces Full Moon?

When I think of Pisces energy, I think
of fantasy, dreaminess and blue. Shades
of blue from midnight to cerulean.

What secret fantasies do you have rattling
around in your head? If you can bring them
to life, how would you?

Do you yearn to go somewhere near the Ocean
or go on an island paradise?

Perhaps you have too much watery energy (full
of feelings) or have too little (live in your
mind)? And need to find a middle ground.

Do you find yourself haunted or transfixed
by a recurring dream? Do you want to understand it?

Take the time to check within. All these questions
and more you can find the answers for under this
Pisces New Moon.

Wishing you all very Dreamy New Moon.



Sweetina said...

You have me pegged! I am a Pisces born Feb 28th! ALl those traits you spoke of apply. My crown Chakra is swinging. (under the pendulum!)
55 this year ~a biggie.

Victoria said...

Gorgeous gorgeous post Shell! Love the picture too..so dreamy! Wishing your the magic of the new moon too..and many blessings kindred! Your posts always add magic and sparkles to my day!