Mori Girl Too

Happy Thursday, everyone.
I'm here to admit my obsession with Pinterest.
From reading your blogs, I know I'm not
the only one.

It's been a blast looking at all that gorgeous
imagery. Creating my own boards and looking
up others.

What do I love to look up most is my love
of Mori Girl style.

I did a post on Mori Girl a couple of months back.
It's a style that originated in Japan
in about 2007 Mori in Japanese
means Forest. Mori Girls translates to
Forest Girls.It's all all about an earthy,
romantic and nature look.

I love it because it echoes the way I like
to dress: with long skirts, a touch of lace
or frill to my blouses and making me feel
I have a touch of romance in my outfits.

Of course,this style is not for everyone.
For me, it makes my eyes get all dreamy
and feel warm inside.



Tracy said...

GORGEOUS finds, Shell! I love the lovely, sweet, romantic look of Mori Girl too. I must admit to resiting Pinterest... I'm not sure if I need one more online addiction. ;o) Hope you & yours have had a LOVE-filled Valentine week ((HUGS))

Sarah said...

I really like these pictures Shell-thanks for sharing them. Like Tracy I have not yet tried pinterest though it sounds fun!