Wolf Moon

This is the first Full Moon of

This moon has many names, I like
best: The Wolf Moon.

The myth of the lone Wolf is
a big thing in our culture. In actuality,
Wolves run in packs. They are loyal to
their family.

The Wolf Moon rises under the sign of
Cancer. The watery energy of Cancer
makes this a night full of deep

For all my Cancer sun and moon signs
this is your Moon! For the rest of
us we can use that beautiful Cancer
energy to fuel new projects full
of love you like to accomplish this year.

If you like to go deeper with the Wolf
Moon, here are questions for you.

Ask yourself what and who are you
loyal to?

Is your loyalty justified or perhaps
you need to find a new pack to fit
who you are now?

Are your feelings aligned with how
you live or perhaps it's time to be
truly authentic with yourself?

Have you caged yourself too long
and do you need sweet freedom?

For myself since I have a new
"pack" with my husband and son,
I will spend tonight thinking of goals
and dreams I want to accomplish for
my new family.

I'm wishing you all a beautiful
First Full Moon of 2012.

And as an early heads up, in August
we will have two full Moons!!



Cinner said...

Very interesting, I used to love hearing them howl in the distance while growing up on the farm....I love a full moon, hope all is going well with your new family...hugs.

koralee said...

Hi My friend...happy 2012 to you. Hope your year is filled with many blessings.The term Wolf Moon is new to me...thank you for sharing.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Hey there Mama!! How is it going?? How is the baby? Hope that you both are doing well. Great post. My brother Eric is a Cancer I'll have to send him over.
Happiness to you and your family!

Tracy said...

I like the term Wolf Moon too! And VERY exciting about two in August! I'm looking forward to my New Moon ritual later this month, after doing this last year. I'd like to do a Full Moon ritual too. :o) Hope all is well there with you & your family, Shell. Happy Weekend ((HUGS))