Happy Friday 13th

Happy Friday the 13th.

One of my good friends told me
that on Friday the 13th, you should
make 13 wishes for yourself.

I like that idea of looking
at Friday the 13th as something not to fear.
So make your wishes and see what will
come to pass.

Guess what we have two more Friday the 13th's
this year: April 13th and July 13th.

Here are a few of my wishes concerning my acting:

1) Write, star and film a 5 minute short.
2) Act in a film opposite my beloved, Mark Hamill.
3) Book mommy and son print work for me and Jacob.

What are your wishes this year? Write them down
and see what happens.

Happy Wishing, my friends.

Here's a picture I took last week of my
Jacob. He is my best wish that came true.



Sweetina said...

Hi Shell,
Your Jacob is so bright eyed and alert~what a sweetheart! Look at his arms windmilling~he seems very happy to be home with Mommy and Daddy!
My Samantha was born on a Friday the 13th of May , almost 24 years ago. It's a good luck day for me. My two boys are Spring babies also.
Happy Weekend~

Sarah said...

What a cutie! I was just glad it was Friday!

Tracy said...

Hello, Shell... and HELLO sweet Jacob! LOVE when you share photos of your sweet little man, Shell. I admire your big things to go for in your acting career this year. This year for me a couple of big wishes are to travel a bit this spring/summer, and find ways to earn more through my art/creativity--it's just the start! ;o) Happy Days... Oh, and thanks for joining in on the giveaway fun at my place. ((HUGS))

Laurel said...

Shell! He is so darling!! Those big bright eyes just melt me!
How's mama!?
Love to you!