Joy for 2012

Happy New Year, everyone.

Thank you all for your condolences for
my brother's passing. My bro was
optimistic and full of life. His funeral
though sad was filled love and tributes
to the great influence he had over everyone.

My word for 2012 isn't going to change. In
fact my brother I know would approve.

My word for this year is Joy.

Every day, I want to attract, do, manifest
and feel joy daily. It doesn't have to be big to bring
joy in my life and my family. Sometimes it's the small
things that can make us feel joyful.

I love to hear what your word is for 2012.
Please share.



Victoria said...

Hi Shell ..hugs..wishing you and your loved ones light,love , peace and's to your brother and the beautiful memories you have!

Cheryl Lynn said...

I'm sorry for your loss, sweetheart. I agree with you, I'm sure your brother would be happy with your word choice for 2012 "JOY."

Joy is most appropriate because it comes from within and cannot be influenced by what goes on outside of you. Happiness, while we all chase after it, is fleeting because it depends on what's "Happening" at the time. To retain Joy is a choice and one well made.

Have a wonderful day and year.

Sarah said...

I am very sorry for your loss Shell. I think you are very wise to choose joy as your word for the year. I wish you all the best things in 2012. x

Cinner said...

Oh Shell, I am so sorry to hear about your brother, I am sure that he would want joy to continue in your heart and life. I like what Cheryl Lynn said that to retain joy is a choice.
you deserve all the joy and happiness . sending prayers your way, hugs, cin

Tracy said...

Still so sorry for your big loss, Shell, thinking of you... JOY is one of my fave words. And I've selected that as one of my words this year too. Just now posted on the words... Heart, Magic, Joy, Art, Spirit. :o) Looking forward to sharing the joy with you in 2012 ((HUGS))

Laurel said...

Joy...I love that.
We all need daily bits of joy sprinkled throughout the day!
Makes it all worthwhile. Joy I will consciously seek, Shell-thanks for the reminder!
Hows Baby Boy??